Begin Again

Niall and Sydney were dating for at least 6 years. After being neglected, Sydney breaks up with him and moves back to London. While looking for her dream job, she runs into a curly haired, green eyes boy. Things click. What will happen with Niall and Harry wanting the same girl? Sydney doesn't know what to do. What will get heart tell her?


4. Will You Forgive Me?

"Congratulations! Here are the keys to your new flat!" They woman congratulated us. "Rent is due the first of every month!" She smiled once more, and left. I collapsed onto the couch that was in our flat already, because it was fully furnished.

"I can't believe we finally did this! We've been planning this since 8th grade!" I said in complete shock. They all came to join me on the couch.

"I know!" Paige agreed. "Are we still gonna eat blueberries and pancakes everyday?" We all laughed.

"Oh. Totally!" Brittney agreed.

"Are we going to go back and get our stuff tonight?" Ashlie asked.

"We might as well. I mean, unless you want to sleep in your clothes and wear them tomorrow too. Besides, it's only 4. We can leave now, and make it back by six, and then go out for Nandos." They all agreed and I left in my car, and they carpooled in Paige's. On my way home, my phone rang. It was Niall.

"Hello?" I answered, turning down the radio.

"Sydney, I'm so sorry. Please, let me explain everything." He begged.

"Fine." I sighed.

"Thank you so much! Okay, can you meet me at Gregg's at 7:30?" He asked.

"Can we do tomorrow night? I have to get my stuff from my mum's house, and move it into my shared flat, and I promised my friends that we'd take Nandos home tonight." I explained.

"Yeah! That works! Thank you so much ba- I mean, Sydney." He corrected himself. We hung up the phone, and I pulled into my mum's driveway. I got out of my car, and I knocked on the front door. She let me in, and I told her about the day before gathering my things.

"I can't believe you guys actually went through with it. I'm so proud of you!" She pulled me in for a hug, and I went upstairs to get my things. Since I just packed to leave Niall's place, it was an easy packing job. I grabbed everything, and my mum helped me put it in the car. I thanked her and told her goodbye, and I loved her, and got into the car. It wasn't the first time I had done this, but this time was different. Instead of moving it with the love of my life, I was moving in with my three best friends. And instead of being 8 hours from her, I was only two hours away. I listened to the radio the whole way home, and when in got back, I realized I was the only one back. I grabbed some things out of my car, realizing I had to make a second trip, I locked my car. I went up to our floor, and unlocked the door, and threw my stuff in my claimed room. I locked the door behind me again, and putting my keys away, I bumped into someone.

"Oh. Pardon me!" I said. I looked up to see a tall blonde. She was extremely thin.

"Oh. It's no problem!" She replied. She had a Scottish accent. "I'm Katie!"

"I'm Sydney." I replied.

"Did you just move in?" She asked. I nodded.

"Three of my friends and I are sharing it." She nodded.

"Well, if you need anything, I'm right across the hall!" She replied. I thanked her, and walked back to the car to grab the rest of my stuff. Just as I was about to walk back inside the building, I saw Ashlie pulling up in her car. I decided not to wait for her, and just go inside. I set my stuff down in my room, and went to go sit on the couch. I went through my Instagram, and heard Ashlie unlocking the door. She walked in struggling. I quickly locked my phone, putting it in my pocket and rushed to help her.

"I saw you in the parking lot." She spoke with attitude

"I didn't know you would have so much stuff!" I replied in defense.

"There's more..." We sighed. We put the stuff in her room, and went back two more times for the rest. We waited fifteen minutes on the couch, hungry and impatient for Paige and Brittney. "Can we just call them?" Ashlie asked.

"Yes! I'll call Brittney, you call Paige." I dialed Brittney's number and after two rings, she answered. "Hey, where are you?" I asked her.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! I forgot to tell you! My parents are making me stay for tonight and I'll be up there tomorrow. I completely forgot to tell you!" She apologized.

"It's fine! I guess I'll see you tomorrow then?" I asked.

"Yeah! Bye!" I hung up the phone and went back to the couch. Ashlie was just hanging up the phone.

"What'd she say?" She asked. I told her that Brittney had to stay the night one last time, so she'll be up tomorrow.

"Paige's mum is doing the same thing." Ashlie replied. I grabbed my purse and keys.

"Then, let's go to Nandos without them. I'm starving!!" Ashlie laughed and we walked out the door. We ended up eating at Nandos because we were too hungry to go back to the house to eat. We got back home, and we went straight to sleep. I got up in the morning, got ready for work and left.

Niall's POV

I was supposed to go meet Sydney at Gregg's tonight, and I was extremely nervous. I was pacing back and forth. I could tell it was bugging Harry.

"Mate, calm down. It's noon. You have seven and a half hours until you meet her." He spoke frustrated.

"I just still don't know how to explain. It needs to be perfect. I need her back." I defended myself. He sighed.

"Just tell her what you told me." He replied.

"That I didn't think she'd leave? That's great. Yep! Totally going to get her back man!" I replied frustrated.

"Well, you said it needs to be the truth." He spoke. I walked away, frustrated that he wasn't helping. Maybe he was right. But, what was she going to say? That's what I didn't want to find out. I decided to take a nap until I had to start getting ready. It was seven o'clock, and I decided I should get her flowers.

"I'm leaving." I told Harry.

"But it's only seven." He questioned.

"I need to buy her flowers." He nodded, and continued watching tv. I walked out the door, and drove to the market. She always told me her favorite flowers were lilies. I got to the market, and I found the perfect pink lilies. I thought about getting her chocolates, but decided not to push it. I paid for the flowers and got back in the car. I drove to Gregg's, and saw that I was five minutes early. I walked in, and Sydney wasn't here yet. I decided to order for us since we had been to Gregg's a thousand times before, and I had her order memorized. She always got tea and a triple chocolate muffin. She adds a lot of sugar to her tea, or she can't drink it. I get tea and a bacon, egg, and sausage roll. I got our food, and went and sat down at a table for two. I saw Sydney walking in, and stood up. She looked around for a split second and walked over to me.

"Hi." Sydney breathed. I grabbed the flowers.

"Hey. These are for you." I said. I was shaking and I hoped she couldn't see it.

"Thank you. They're beautiful." She replied comfortingly. Okay, so, she could tell I was nervous. I just needed her back and I didn't know what I'd do if she couldn't come back to me. "Wow. You even remembered my order." She said sitting down.

"How could I forget?" I asked. She looked up and smiled.

"You even got the sugar!" I couldn't believe she thought I could forget. She poured the sugar into her tea, and stirred. I decided now was the best time to explain.

"Look, Sydney." She looked up after taking a sip of her tea. "I'm so sorry. I didn't think that I wasn't paying attention to you. You were just always around, and I just didn't think I would lose you. I am so sorry." I faded out at the end.

"Why didn't you think you would lose me?" She asked.

"I just thought that if you loved me as much as I love you, then you wouldn't leave." I spoke the honest truth.

"I still love you Niall," the tiny piece of hope I had grew bigger. "And leaving you was one of the hardest things I've ever done. But just because I love you, doesn't mean I'm going to come back to you that easy. I knew I had to leave the moment I figured out the reason I was cutting. I just didn't get the courage to leave until that night."

"I'm so sorry. Will you forgive me?" I asked her.

She hesitated. "Yes. I will." She finally spoke.

"So, can we get back together?" I asked with all the hope I had.

"I'm not going to go back to how we were, and act like nothing happened. Can we start over and take it slow?" She asked. I nodded. I needed her back and if this is how I was going to get her back, then that was perfectly fine with me.

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