Begin Again

Niall and Sydney were dating for at least 6 years. After being neglected, Sydney breaks up with him and moves back to London. While looking for her dream job, she runs into a curly haired, green eyes boy. Things click. What will happen with Niall and Harry wanting the same girl? Sydney doesn't know what to do. What will get heart tell her?


3. Scars

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't written anything on any of my books for a while. I've been busy with school and I feel so bad. So, to make up for it, I'm updating as much as possible. But, I'm sorry if these chapters are terrible. I have a concussion and so, we'll see how things go! Thank you so much for reading. Love y'all! ~Sydney<3

After leaving work, I called Paige. "Where are we meeting Ashlie and Brittney?" I asked.

"Come over to my house. They're already over here." I was confused.

"Aren't we getting a flat here in London? Why don't you guys come down here?"

"Right... Okay. We'll meet you at Starbucks in two hours." We said our goodbyes, and I thought of what to do for the next two hours. I thought of calling Harry, but I figured that he'd bring Niall along. Right after I ruled that out, I got a call from Harry.

"Hey. I'm sorry for freaking out and not explaining anything clearly when I saw Niall. It was just overwhelming."

"Hey. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you about Niall. You both said you just got out of a relationship, and I should've put the pieces together." We said at the same time.

"You first." He chuckled.

"Okay. Look, I'm sorry for not explaining everything that happened between me and Niall, and just freaking out. I owe you an explanation." I told him.

"No. I'm the one that should be sorry. Both you and Niall told me that you just got out of a relationship, and I should've put the pieces together. But how about you give me that explanation over some Starbucks. My treat." He told me.

"Sounds good to me. I'm here for the next two hours until my friends come so we can look for a flat." I told him.

"I'll be over in two minutes." We hung up the phone and I stood outside waiting. Summer was turning into fall, and there was a slight breeze making me shiver. I saw Harry walking down the sidewalk, and I started walking towards him. He took his jacket off, and put it around my arms.

"Thank you." He smiled.

"Don't worry about it." He replied. We walked to the door, and he opened it up for me. We ordered, and I went to sit down while he waited for our drinks. He came back with my hot chocolate and his coffee.

"So, what happened between you and Niall?" He asked. I started off explaining that we dated for six years, and everything about me moving into his flat in Ireland. We were happier back then. We were madly in love, and things just started to collapse when we were around together. I felt insecure and he didn't love me anymore, so I started cutting. Harry's expression changed when I told him. I seemed interested in the story, and then when I told him about me cutting, he looked so sad.

I looked around Starbucks, and it was almost empty. I took a deep breath, and lifted up the sleeves of the jacket. The makeup had come off and my scars were crystal clear. Tears formed in both of our eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Sydney." He spoke softly.

"It's not your fault. It's his." I replied, choking back the tears.

"But no one should feel so bad that they feel like they need to do this." He replied. He kept staring at them, which made me uncomfortable. Slowly, I rolled the sleeves back down, and Harry could tell that I was getting uncomfortable. He quickly changed the subject. For the next two hours we talked about our family, friends, and he kept trying to figure out why I didn't like coffee. I saw Ashlie, Brittney, and Paige pulling up.

"There they are." I said pointing to them. Harry stood up, and so did I. I started to take the jacket off, but he stopped me.

"You keep it. You can give it back another time. Besides, you need it more than I do." He replied.

"How do you know I'm going to see you again?" I challenged him.

"You will. I promise." He smirked. He hugged me tightly and we walked out the door. He walked away from my friends before they got the chance to stop him.

"Who's that?!" Paige gawked.

"Harry." I replied. They nodded in approval as he walked away. I rolled my eyes at them. "Can we please stop gawking over him and go look for a flat?!" I asked. They nodded in agreement, and we walked to the first place.

Harry's POV

I couldn't believe that Niall made her feel that bad about herself. Her arms were completely covered with scars. How could he do such a thing?! I walked to his hotel extremely pissed off. I walked in, and went to his floor, and banged on his door. He opened it up with a look if confusion on his face.

"What's wrong, mate?" He asked. I let myself in.

"How could you do that to her?!" I yelled.

"Do what?" He asked.

"Make her feel that bad about herself! Have you seen her arms?! They're completely covered in scars! And it's all because of you! I don't blame her for leaving you!" I yelled. Tears came to his eyes, and I felt bad for what I said. "Niall, I'm so sorry. I-" He cut me off.

"No, you're right. I have seen her arms, and I feel terrible that that's because of me. I just don't know how to prove that I care for her." He spoke softly. "I mean, she won't even give me the time of day to prove it."

"You have to try your hardest, Niall. Today, her and her friends are getting a flat here. Maybe one time go over there and make her talk to you. But take it slow." That's what I would do if I were him. I don't want to ask Sydney because I don't want her to think that I'm spying on her for Niall. I really like her, but I know how Niall feels about her.

"But what do I say to her? I didn't think that I wasn't paying attention to her. She was just always around, and I just didn't think I would lose her." He tried to explain.

"Okay. Well, come stay at my place. You can't be in this hotel forever. Okay?" He agreed and started packing up his stuff.

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