Begin Again

Niall and Sydney were dating for at least 6 years. After being neglected, Sydney breaks up with him and moves back to London. While looking for her dream job, she runs into a curly haired, green eyes boy. Things click. What will happen with Niall and Harry wanting the same girl? Sydney doesn't know what to do. What will get heart tell her?


1. Leaving

"Niall, I can't take this anymore. You're more worried about everyone else, and you haven't even noticed me." He frowned.

"That's not true!"

"It is! Have you noticed anything different about me?!" He looked me up and down. I was wearing short sleeves, so it should've been noticeable.

"You got a haircut!" He cheered confidently.

"Niall! This is exactly why I'm moving to London."

"You're leaving because I was right?" He asked confused.

"The last time I got my haircut was three months ago! Niall! I've been cutting!" I ran into the bedroom, tears in my eyes, starting to pack. He came in after me.

"Sydney. I-" I stopped him.

"Save it." He walked out of the room,tears in his eyes, and I locked the door behind him. I packed up my things and walked out the door not saying a word. I called my mum.

"Mum, I'm coming home. But I'm going to find a flat in London. Can you come pick me up at the fairy station?"

"Yeah. What happened with you and Niall?" She asked, concerned.

"I'll explain in the ride back to Southampton." We said our goodbyes and I called a taxi. I wasn't going to take the car, and I wasn't going to have Niall drive. Within a few hours, I was back with my mum. I ran to her and embraced her, tears streaming down my face like Niagra Falls. She hushed me.

"Everything is going to be okay." She said softly.

"He didn't care about me mum." She looked confused.

"He would've noticed." She looked concerned now. I rolled up my jacket sleeve. Her jaw dropped, and it was now her time for Niagra Falls from her eyes. I could see people staring in disgust.

"Mum, I promise I'll stop. I just needed someone to care." She nodded, a smile beginning to appear on her face. As we drove back to Southampton, I was explaining. My phone started ringing, and without looking at who was calling, I answered the phone.


"Sydney! Before you hang up, I need to talk to you!" Tears were blurring my vision as I spoke up again.

"Niall, you didn't notice me. You didn't do anything to make me feel special. You didn't even care. I'm done with this relationship, and I never want to see you again. Goodbye Niall." He tried to stop me, but I hung up. My mum looked over at me.

"Are you okay?" I just shook my head.

"I don't really want to talk about it." I laid my seat back, put in my headphones, and fell asleep. I woke up as we're were pulling into the drive. Niall and I were dating six years, and I was living in Ireland for three of them. I walked in, set my stuff down in my room, and fell asleep.

~~~next day~~~

"Mum? Is it alright if I take the car, and go look for a job in London?" She nodded, and I got up from the table, and went to get ready. I showered, left my milk chocolate hair to wave, and did my normal eyeliner, mascara makeup. I got into black skinny jeans, and a light blue, tank top, chiffon shirt, with a white tank top underneath. I made sure to cover up my scars with makeup. I put on my favourite black heels with a buckle, and grabbed my purse. I walked out the door, and drove to London. I got my college degree in music. I sing, play the piano, and write songs. I parked at a Starbucks, and grabbed my usual double chocolate chip frappe, and walked around. As I was entering the doors of a building, someone caught my eye. He was tall, broad, and had unseen beauty. He smiled a perfect smile at me, and I smiled back. I continued about my business, and as I got to the main desk, I felt a tap on my left shoulder. I turned around and his piercing green eyes were staring into my hazel eyes. The curl of his hair was recently pushed out of his face.

"Can I help you?" I asked him.

"I just thought I couldn't walk away from a beautiful face like yours." My cheeks slightly blushed.

"Charming. But if you'll excuse me, I'm trying to get a job." I tried to turn away and begin talking to the woman at the desk, but he grabbed my arm and turned me towards him.

"I think I can help you with that. " I was confused, but he just dragged me along to the elevator. He clicked the 30th botton, and the elevator took off.

"Harry, what are you doing back?" Simon Cowell asked.

"I need a favour." He spoke. How did he know Simon? I quickly whispered and asked.

"I'm his uncle." Simon spoke, obviously hearing me whisper to Harry. I nodded.

"So, what can I do for you?" Simon asked. Harry nodded for me to tell him.

"Well, I came here hoping to get a job." I replied nervously.

"What can you do?" He asked. He seemed impressed that I came here.

"I can sing, play piano, and I write music." He nodded.

"Follow me." I nodded and Harry and I followed him into a studio. I let showed me the instruments and I sat down at the piano. I started playing Taylor Swift's song, Begin Again. I got all the way through the song, and I turned around. Him and Harry were both smiling.

"How did you meet her?" Simon asked Harry.

"She was just in the lobby." Harry spoke innocently. He smiled.

"That was one lucky find." He smiled. "You're hired!" I was so excited but just got up and thanked him.

"What am I going to be doing?" I asked.

"I was thinking, we should get you, your own record." I thanked him again. We got everything set up, and when I should come back, and Harry and I got in the elevator to go back down to the main floor. He had his hand up to his ear, expecting me to thank him. I giggled.

"Thank you." He smiled.

"What? Oh! You're welcome! Now that I did that for you, can I take you out for lunch?" I smiled.

"Of couse you can." He smiled.

"If I'm going to take you out, I need to know your name." I giggled.

"I'm Sydney Spendlove." He put his hand out, and I shook it.

"Well, Sydney Spendlove. I'm Harry Styles. It's nice to meet you." I agreed and we got off the elevator and he grabbed my hand. My heart was still aching because of Niall, but why should it? He didn't care. Harry does. Tears were forming in my eyes and Harry noticed.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Um.." I hesitated. "I broke up with my boyfriend just yesterday because he didn't pay attention to me, and just being here with you, it helps me feel like people do care." He smiled.

"Well, he must've been very stupid to break up with you." I blushed and we continued to his car. I got a text from my best friend, Paige.

"Hey! I heard you were back in Southampton! Call me so we can hang out!" I smiled. It had been three years since I last saw her. I missed her so much.

"Will do! I'm going to buy a flat here in London! Do you want to come look with me tomorrow? THE Simon Cowell got me a RECORD DEAL!!!" I had known her since birth, and this had always been our dream.

"OMG!! That's amazing!!" We still texted like we were in seventh grade. "Text me tonight so we can hang out!" I smiled and put my black iPhone 5 into my purse. I had about 50 messages from Niall, but decided to ignore them. We drove to Nando's. We got inside, ordered, and sat down and ate. It was mid lunch when Harry got a phone call.

"Can you excuse me? I need to take this." I nodded and he headed toward the bathroom. I finished eating, and Harry came back.

"I'm so sorry! My old friend from college called, and he's here in London visiting. He wanted to hang out, do you want to come?" He asked me.

"I don't want to interrupt on anything!" I stated shyly. He smiled.

"You won't! I promise! He's going to love you! And besides! The other guys are coming too, and bringing their girls, so you'll have company!" I smiled and agreed. He quickly finished eating, and we left. We went to a hotel and went to the top floor. Harry knocked on the door and it quickly opened.


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