Begin Again

Niall and Sydney were dating for at least 6 years. After being neglected, Sydney breaks up with him and moves back to London. While looking for her dream job, she runs into a curly haired, green eyes boy. Things click. What will happen with Niall and Harry wanting the same girl? Sydney doesn't know what to do. What will get heart tell her?


7. At The Party

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't written in a while. I've just been uber busy with school and everything and I'm not ready to go back, and I've been bugged to update, so I am!! Thanks for reading guys!! I love you!! ~Sydney<3

No one's POV

"I can't believe you! She loved you, you know that, right?" Brittney asked in shock. Niall shrugged as if it was no big deal.

"I loved her too, it just became different when she moved in." Niall replied.

"She lived with you for three years, and you never bothered to tell her that?!" Brittney was in total shock, and so was everyone, except for Niall.

"I didn't want to hurt her." He replied casually.

"But after she left, you wanted her back." Brittney replied confused.

"I didn't want her out of my life, I just didn't want to date her, and I felt like dating her was the only way to keep her in my life." Brittney got up and walked to Niall. She punched Niall in the face with a strong force, and walked back to sit down.

"That's so Sydney doesn't have to punch you harder. And you know she would if she heard what you said." Brittney replied. Niall got up, and walked into his room, and ended up staying for the rest of the night.

"I need a drink." Brittney spoke. Everyone agreed.

"This night didn't really go as planned, did it?" Liam commented.

"You can say that again!" Katie replied.

"I can't believe he would do that to her!" Zayn replied. They all nodded their heads in agreement. They were all standing in the kitchen, getting the beer out.

Okay. So, I know that was a really short chapter, but my friend who's been bugging me about updating wanted this chapter and I really didn't know what to do besides Brittney punching Niall. Because I wrote the next chapter before this one. So, I'm gonna go edit that one and it'll be up today too, and maybe a third chapter up today.

Happy New Years!! I hope everyone had a good 2013, and if not then I hope your 2014 is better!! Thank you guys so much for reading and I'm so thankful you do!! Let me know what you think. Love you guys!!

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