Walking dead story

Walking dead fanfic...AGAIN. I'm in love w/ da walking dead. Romance/ action. I really don't know what else to say;)


1. Chapter one

Surrounded by them. Shelby and I were surrounded. By those things again. I shot one bullet and re-loaded. "Shit", I said. I took a step back. There were too many. This is the end, I thought. So much for fighting for survival. I shut my eyes but ended up feeling a burning sensation in my huge muscle on my shoulder. I crumpled to the ground wondering if this was what death felt like. I could hear Shelby screaming my name. "DON'T FALL ON YOUR BACK!!", I heard a male voice shout. "Ah, fuck. Thank God." My vision was a blur and I let darkness take over. The last thing I felt was passing out in a pair of muscular arms praying to god to kill me already.

I smelled smoke from a fire and a sort of scrapping sound. I shot up strait with a gasp. "What the f-" I caught my breathe breathing super hard. "Your awake. Good." The guy I suspecting was the guy who shot the arrow in my back said in a smooth southern accent. "Yeah..." I said in so much pain. I put my reassuring hand on my wound. "Ow what the hell!" He looked up. "Sorry 'bout that...the names Daryl... Daryl Dixon. Your friends out like a light." I squeezed my eyes shut. "Oh my god it hurts like fuck!" He gave me a sad look. "Hold on. I may have some cream..." He dug some pain reliever cream out of his bag. "Come here." I did as he asked but crawled over in pain. I took my shirt off revealing my tank top. I put my back against him. He peeled the Bandage off my back carefully and rubbed a cool cream on my back. A cool and stinging sensation hit me like a kick in the back. I was feeling sleepy again, though. "Just don't...do anything..." I collapsed in his lap but managed to whisper the last word of my sentence. "Stupid", I whispered and felt darkness come in my vision and entered a dream.
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