Walking dead story

Walking dead fanfic...AGAIN. I'm in love w/ da walking dead. Romance/ action. I really don't know what else to say;)


2. Chapter 2:

I woke up on the hard ground with a light blanket over me. It was fucking cold and for some reason my ass was sprayed with poison oak. But the pain in my back was gone. I could feel a slight pain but it was for the most part diminished. "Daryl", I said. There was no answer. No movement at all. Every thing was still and quiet except for the chirping birds in the distance. I shot up with a jolt. Daryl was not here. He was missing. I freaked out. "DARYL!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. This time there were footsteps behind me. Suspecting it was Daryl, I turned and found another one of those things. I looked in shock, but grabbed the nearest knife possible. As I was about to run up to it, it lurched forward. I stepped back and let it fall. On the back of its head. There was a arrow shot from a crossbow. I looked at it. "Are you alright?" Daryl asked gently. I was still looking at the arrow in the zombies head with tears filling my eyes. I stared at the arrow and Daryl unexpectedly embraced me in a bear hug. "I'm sorry. I didn't know..." I rested my head on his shoulder. "It's fine." I simply said. He let go of me. "Hey how's your shoulder?" He asked. "No pain. It's completely gone. What's that stuff you used?" He smiled. "Cream I made from herbs. And can you feel your shoulder?" In fact, I couldn't feel my shoulder at all. "No. Is that bad?" He shook his head. "Nah. Their just side effects. But I never caught your name. What was it?" I realized I didn't even give him my name yet. He had become one of my best friends beside Shelby and he didn't even know my name. "Sorry... It's-it's magnolia." "Well magnolia, welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse." He squeezed my hand and I didn't even know he was holding it. "Wait!", I called after him. He looked back. "Where are we going to go now? We can't just stay in the woods." His face turned serious. "No. But I have to find out if I'm going to take you back to the prison where the rest of my group lives. Long story." He smiled as he went back to check on Shelby as I followed behind.
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