Broken Angel

Umm i hope you like it


2. The Unexpected Happened


The weekend flew by quickly, turning into a Monday morning. I hated Mondays. 


My alarm went off and I slowly rolled myself out of bed. “Ugh!” I throw a pillow at Grace for her to wake up. “Yes Harry. I will marry you!” she said as she jumped up. I bursted out laughing. My sister has had a crush on Harry Styles, a guy that goes to my school, for a long time now. It was starting to get annoying. “Oh shut-up, Spirit. Bet you have had those dreams about your crush.”


“No I haven’t because I dont have a crush,” I said so confidently.


“Oh bull. I read your diary. You have a crush on Liam Payne and you think he can’t see you because you are so inv-” I stopped her when I threw another pillow at her. She deserved it for reading my diary. Grace got up to get the bathroom first. When she closed the door, I ran to where my diary was hiding and put it in a new place. 


Liam Payne was a very smart boy that never really noticed anyone. It seemed like he was always in his own little world. He was tall with brown hair. He has deep brown eyes that you could get lost in thoughts looking into. We used to talk but since we got in high school, we haven’t really talked.


“Hurry up in there, Gracie.” 


“I’m hurrying.” I gave up on waiting, so i grabbed my clothes and ran to my mom’s bathroom. The bus came early. Luckily, we got done it just in time. The high schoolers are the last to get off the bus, so I have a while to think about Liam. 

When I got off, my phone kept going off. I pulled it out to see a text from Daniel. It said he was in the school parking lot. I smiled then looked up to see his old rusty blue Ford truck. I walked over to him, gave him a hug, and hopped into the truck to get warm. “I have a surprise for you,” he said.


“You do?”


“Yeah look forward.” I looked forward to find my brother Louis standing in front with a bouquet of flowers and a box. “Ah!” I jumped out of the truck. Louis put the flowers and the tiny box down and hugged me. I haven’t seen him in like forever. He has been in L.A. at this fancy college for singers/actors/directors, etc. I wanted to go there to but when I sing I sound like to wild walruses having an argument.

He held me in a hug until the bell rang. Louis had to go, but he promised that he will come pick me up after lunch. "Mom said that I could check you out of school. I will see you at lunchtime." 

"OK." I ran to class, almost late. I walked in just as the teacher was calling my name. "Spirit Tomlinson!"

"Here. I'm here."

"Take your seat."

Class dragged on and on. I just wished that we can go to lunch already. I miss Louis. I know he said that he said he would be back, but I wish that he would pick me up now. Second block finally came and was very short. Lunch came and I heard my name over the intercom to be checked out. I practically grabbed my bag and ran to the office. When I saw Louis again, he held his arms out so I could hug him. I dropped my bags and jumped into his arms. We spun around a couple of times. He put me down and said, "Are you ready to go?"



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