A one direction fanfiction about LIAM


5. Zack gives wack

Stevens pov

Im so happy  for sabrina, two weeks ago she thought she was going to die and no one liked her. But to day shes in love with one of the niest guys in the world. I went in to our den where every one was watching the telly. They all came over tocheck on brina. "Hey guys do you want to go to the club tonight the seven of us?" i asked. "Sure mate that'll be fun." Liam said. " OK" the rest of them said.

Zayns pov

We sat in the back left corner of the club. Liam went to get our drinks and the others except brina went of to the dance floor. I told Brina i was off to the bathroom and left.

Sabrinas pov

I sat here alone because Zayn had just went to the restroom. Some drunk guy walked up to me and said,"Hey babe lets go dance." He grabbed my arm and i screamed. Then he slaped me and i fell to the ground and everything went black.

Liams pov

I herd Sabrina scream and i went running back to our table while yelling "brina?Brina?!?SABRINA?!?!?!" I saw her fall to th ground as some guy slaped her. I ran up and punched him in the gut then kicked him in the nuts. He fled the club after he said "I will get you Sabrina Connor." How did he know her. Wait that was Zack Britton i remember him from Brinas High school year book.

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