A one direction fanfiction about LIAM


6. The big hook up

Harrys pov

We almost left the club after that guy hit sabrina but we stayed. she woke up so liam stayed with her. i went back to the floor to try and meet a girl i bumped into one and asked her for a dance. her name is Ruthie Pierce. She is so pretty. she has long curly blonde hair and the most beautiful green eyes, greener than mine. She was wearing a short pink dress that went down to her knees.

Stevens pov

I was dancing with this girl i met just half an hour ago. She said her name is Becky Olivier. She has long  straight black hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a short sleavless blue dress.

Nialls pov

Ok so everyone has a girl well harry liam and teven do so i got my own. her name is Suzanna Nelson. She has shoulder length wavy brown hair and brown eyes. she was wearing the most beautiful green dress, it was short with flowers on the strap.

Louis pov

I met the perfect girl at the club. her name is Cassie Morton. She has curly orange hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a pink skirt and a white top. All of te boys had girls now cause Zayn was with Perrie.

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