A one direction fanfiction about LIAM


3. Love: a wake up call

Sabrinas pov

" can i have a moment alone with her?" liam asked. " Sure bro." harry said. Then i felt some ones hand in mine. i knew it was liam. i wish i could be there right now but i am here in an empty void of space. " I Love You Sabrina I really love you." as soon as he said that i tried my hardest to wake up but it didnt work.

Liams pov

I could feel her trying to wake up but i knew it wasnt going to work. She was to far into the coma. I hope she herd me. The doctor said she might wake up some time in te next few weeks. We waited for ten days and on Thursday September 20. It was her birthday. We all bought huge gifts for when she woke up then add that to all the birthday gifts and wow. All of the guys went to get nandos with Steven, and Brinas mom was on the phone with Brinas uncle Dan. So i was all alone with a cold lifless Brina on her birthday. I leaned in n her and whimply wispered " I love you Sabrina." then i kissed her lips. then i felt movement from undeneath me. I backed off of her and there she lay looking at me like she hadnt seen me in a million years. " I ove you more Li." She mumbled. Woah, i was shocked. She had actualy herd me. Just then all the guys walked in and yelled "Brina."

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