A one direction fanfiction about LIAM


4. I would/Lina Paynor

Sabrinas pov

I had woken up because something was on my lips. i shuffled around underneath what i thought was Liam. 'Brina' was all i herd then i herd " HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BRINA, HAPPY BIDTHDAY TO YOU." Woah were these people loud. Wait was today my birthday? I had to wait untill i could go home in a week to open all of my presents. A week passed, and i was siting in my room at my house surrounded by gifts. Liam and the boys were there, and Steven, and my mom. All of my friends( the few i had) had gone of to college a year ago. I opend all of my gifts and there was only one small, square, jewlery box left. Liam grabbed it and opened it. OMZ, was it a beautiful bracelet. It had hot pink, lime green and teal beads. " Will you be my girlfriend?" Liam asked. "Yes." i said crawling over to him and kissed him on the lips." Its LINA!!!" Louis yelled. " Zip it or no more carrots and tea." i said. "You wouldn't." Louis said. "I would." i replied.

Louis pov

Not my carrots and my tea. Wait she said i would. " Song Time!!!!" Harry and i yelled at the same time.

"Lately I found myself thinking,Been dreaming about you a lot,And up in my head I'm your boyfriend,But that's one thing you've already got" liam sang
"He drives to school every morning,While I walk alone in the rain,He'd kill me without any warning,If he took a look in my brain" harry sang
'Would he say he's in L-O-V-E?,Well if it was me then I would,Would he hold you when you're feeling low,Baby you should know that I would" Zayn sang
"Back in my head we were kissing,I thought things were going alright,With a sign on my back saying 'kick me',Reality ruined my life" niall sang
"Feels like I'm constantly playing,A game that I'm destined to lose,Cause I can't compete with your boyfriend,He's got 27 tattoos"i sang
Liams pov

 we sang our song and then we all went home. i cheecked twitter and guess what was trending.........Lina Paynor. How did they know? i checked all of our acounts. It wasn't harry like i thought it would be but it was Zayn. Some of the comments were auful. On face book Lina Paynor was trending there too. Yipee, just what we wanted tons of publicity. I am gunna have to have a talk with zayn.

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