A one direction fanfiction about LIAM


1. I died

My name is Sabrina Connor. I am 18 years old. I have a twin his name is Steven. We have always been best friend he, never let any boys get near me. That was untill i died. Heres how.

Steven was being anoying, because he wasn't driving. I was. I stoped at a red light and turned the wheel to turn. i looked over at Steven to tell him not to complain.Then some one rear ended us and the car spun into the other lane. An sixteen wheeler honked and honked but our car wouldn't move. the truck colllided with my side of the car and i was knocked out. Then the car flipped multiple times landing upside down. Steven walked away with a few scratches and bruises. I was in the emergency room and my heart stoped for 5 minutes, then i came back. I was told that my legs would work agian in two months. I also have a brain tumor. I was on my way to the doctor to see how long i had to live. I was driving be cause it was going to be the last time i could. I am so unlucky, i should have stayed dead. I now have one month to live, so my legs wont work again. I could go through surgery to take out the tumor. i decided to have the surgery, but heres why,

I was alowed to leave the hospital for one week. I went to a one direction concert. I got a back stage pass. After the concert i went backstage to see the boys. I told them how i got in the wheel chair and about my brain tumor. They asked me to spend the week with them. I did and after the first day they knew every thing aboout me. i really liked Niall but Liam was my favorite. I could tell he liked me too! uno problemo, im gunna die!! Again!!!

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