A one direction fanfiction about LIAM


2. Coma

Liam begged me non-stop to get the surgery just so i could live. i finnaly decided to because had grown real fellings for him. My surgery took place the day  went back to the hospital. All of my new best friends( one direction) went because they were all so woried. My mom and my brother were waiting to. They waited a long time because the surgery took Two hours longer than expected.

Authors note:from now on the story will have multiple P.O.V.'s

Liams pov

we were waiting for two extra hours. when the doctor came out he said " Sabrinna Connor's family and friends" Only us boys and her mom and bro stoud up. " we have some good and bad news." he said."First Sabrinas surgery was a success. Second we are very sorry to say sabrina has fallen into a coma." My heart stopped and my feet just took me away. i didnt stop runing i just kept going. i ran out the doors of the hospital and ran to her flat. i opened the door ranup to her room layed on her bed and sobbed.

Louis' pov

Liam ran, Niall cried, harry fell to the ground, zayn screamed, Steven and their mom both fainted in tears and i counldn't move. I couldn't cry or run or scream or fall or faint i just stould there motion less. we all got to go in her room and i called Liam "Li Li the doctors let us in her room they said she can hear every thing we say" " Fine all be there soon"

Sabrinas pov

I hered some one talking he told Li Li to come to the room. Wait Li is Liams nick name and louis always called him Li Li. ok so louis is here but liam is not. Then a thick sobbing irish acent said "please wake up brina please." ok now niall is here. "just try." someone else said. " harry i think if she could she would." ok harrys here so it must have been zayn who said that to him. then a female voice said" steven why did this have to happen to us?" " I dont know mom." ok steven And mom are here too.then i here some one yell "Brina, oh Brina please wake up, please" i know that Wolverhampton acent from any where. it's Liam.

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