I Thought You Knew

When Jessica finds she is in a hotel room with the 1D boys, she tries to become friends with Niall Horan, but things go to far and she starts to get death threats from Directioners. How can she get out of this situation?


1. Assembly Sunshine

''It was embarresing, Ailee.'' I whispered with exact pronouncation to my friend. Her eyes gleamed with sarcasm as she answered with a simple ''Totally, Jessica''. I turned my head to see a poster on the brick wall saying something about One Direction. ''Omg, omg!'' whimpered Ailee. Her face expression told me one thing, but her body language told me another. I waddled along, banging my vans shoes off the oak, wooden floor. ''One winner to design a school logo, wins two tickets to see One Direction live in concert in Dublin, Ireland!'' she screamed with a very pale, sick looking face. I sighed, it wasn't a major deal to me. I wasn't a stupid 'Directioner'. I heard a sudden thump on the ground. It was Ailee, she'd fainted over all this 1D comotion. The bell wrang so I just left her. I got home, chucked my tartan satchel on the floor and ran up to my room. I got an elastic band and tied my brown, highlighted hair into a messy bun. ''RING RING!'' went the old telephone, the tone was so annoying, so I just answered it. ''Hello, this is your lucky day! Your design for the school logo has won our competition! You have just got yourself and a friend two One Direction tickets! Well done!'' blurted a man in a Canadian accent. I screamed, I didn't even enter! What the heck was happening? 

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