Donni is just in London to see One Direction, she didn't come to fall in love, but will a special blond haired blue eyed Irish boy change her mind? Read to find out!!! *attention readers I am new to this so please no hate!!! Have fun reading! Feedback is always welcome!!!*


1. New to this

*Donni's POV*
I wander the streets of London, gosh it's beautiful!!! There are so many good looking guys!!! But I have to stay on task, to see One Direction. Not to fall in love. I walk past Mr.Gorden's shop. Oh, I could spare the visit!

"Ahh, there is that pretty girl!!!" Mrs.Gorden said. I blushed and looked at my feet.

"Thank you Mrs.Gorden." I said politely.

"Oh! No worries darlen!" She said. She has a VERY thick British accent.

"Can I have a-" I said, something caught my eye. A bunch of boys walked in. 5 to be exact. No, no that's fucking ONE DIRECTION!!!

"I thought Paul rented out the place?" Niall said. He was my favorite out of the bunch.

"Yeah me too, but it's just one cute girl," Harry said motioning to me. My eyes got wider until they felt like golf balls. The rest of the boys laughed at Harry's flirty comment. I pushed a strand of my violet hair behind my ear.

"Go get them tiger" Mrs.gorden encouraged me.

"H-hi" I stuttered. Great, I stuttered!!! *note the sarcasm.* they'll think I'm a freak!!!

"Hi, love." Harry said. "Would you show us to our table?" He smirked followed by a wink. I felt the blood rush to my face making my cheeks burn.

"Sure!" I said and showed them to table 64.
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