Donni is just in London to see One Direction, she didn't come to fall in love, but will a special blond haired blue eyed Irish boy change her mind? Read to find out!!! *attention readers I am new to this so please no hate!!! Have fun reading! Feedback is always welcome!!!*


4. Lesson: don't take Niall's food

---the next day---
I woke up in Zayn's bed. WAIT! I SLEPT WITH ZAYN?! I checked under the covers. Still fully clothed. Good.
I got up and brushed my teeth and waddled down stairs.

"Oh look who decided to wake up!" Louis shouted.

"Yeah good morning to you too." I said wandering into the kitchen, to find Niall stuffing his face like always. I laughed at my mental joke.

I dove into the fridge to find absolutely nothing but milk. Great.

"NIALLER DID YOU EAT ALL THE FOOD?!" I screamed playfully at the hungry leprechaun stuffing his face.

"Mhm." He murmured still stuffing his face. I giggled and grabbed a piece of toast of his plate. He swallowed.

"You do not take away food from Niall." He said half joking half serious.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!" I screamed and ran into the living room. Harry stood up confused and concern. I dove behind him and nibbled on Niall's toast.

"GIVE ME MY FOOD!!" He screamed and tried to grab me but Harry stopped him. Thank you Harry!

"Donni you know you're not suppose to take food from Niall. And Niall share please." Harry said sounding like a kindergarten teacher.

"Ok mom!" Niall said walking into the kitchen. I was safe! *dose mental happy dance.*


Sorry that its short but at lease I updated!!! :)

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