Donni is just in London to see One Direction, she didn't come to fall in love, but will a special blond haired blue eyed Irish boy change her mind? Read to find out!!! *attention readers I am new to this so please no hate!!! Have fun reading! Feedback is always welcome!!!*


3. He is gonna get you back!

Niall likes me. I know it. Zayn probley dose too. Maybe Harry as well. I can't handle 3 boys liking me. Zayn said he will tease me if I teased him again. So me being my devious little self I went to his room. Yes, I'm in there house.

I pranced up to his room. He was sleeping. I sneaked in bed with him. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. He was shirtless. Sexy. I drew imaginary hearts on his chest. His big brown eyes fluttered open. I pretended I didn't notice. I let my hand linger down to his thighs. I moved my middle finger up and down. He grabbed my hand. I looked into his eyes. I fell for them. I fell back onto a pillow and arched my back. While he kissed my neck. I couldn't show him I was enjoying it. He found my sweet spot. I bit my bottom lip holding back a moan. He playfully bit it. A moan escaped my lips. I felt him smirk a he kept sucking, leaving a hickey.

"Remember doll I can tease too" he whispered into my ear and kissed right under neath my ear.

"Mhm." I moaned.

*authors note**please read*

Hey people, sorry for the short chapter! no one really reads any of my stuff. So people who do thank you!!!!

I got a question... Any ideas on what should happen? Please answer!!!
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