Donni is just in London to see One Direction, she didn't come to fall in love, but will a special blond haired blue eyed Irish boy change her mind? Read to find out!!! *attention readers I am new to this so please no hate!!! Have fun reading! Feedback is always welcome!!!*


2. Getting over your fear and teasing

I seated them.

"Your specials today is, a very cute girl the sides with that is she is single and she has violet hair with white eyes." I said with a smirk.

"Mmm, she sounds delicious!" Niall said. I broke down in fits of giggles.

*Niall's POV*

She likes me! I know it! I like her too! She is pretty. Beautiful. Sexy. Everything that a girl could be she is. Ahh, how I want her! But we just met and Harry likes her too. Like I want to tell him to fuck off and she is mine. But, she's not. I wish she was but she isn't.

"Can I order the special, with will you go out with me?" Harry said.

No, no this is not happening!!! I like her I LOVE her!!!

"Sure!!! Anything else?" She said. Her voice was tender and sweet.

"Can I have what Harry is having?" Louis said. He was messing around cause he has a girlfriend, Eleanor.

"Me too!" I said smiling at her. She winked and she blushed.

"Ahh!!! One Direction!!! I've benn waiting for you!!! Did my girl, Donni keep you company?" Mr.Gorden said walking out of the back room.

"Yes she did Mr.Gorden!" Liam said.

Zayn sat there quiet looking at me. My eyes widened when he scanned my body. I was happy that he liked what he saw.

"Sit down with the boys Donni, and I'll get food for everyone," Mr.Gorden said then walked into the kitchen. I gladly sat next to Zayn. I didn't like him. He did something to my best friend Perrie. He cheated on her and broke her heart. He was single now.

Time for payback! I played on my iPhone and put my hand on his knee. Pretending that I didn't mean to, I shifted my body and moved my hand to his inner thigh. His muscles clenched and he was trying to prevent from his friend to go up. I smirked and I dragged my middle and index finger up and down his inner thigh. Each time I went up I got closer to his friend. When I touched his friend, I smirked and lefted my hand there. I looked at his face. He was looking down. He was surprised I was touching him. He licked his lips and kept looking were my hand was. I kept it there until his friend went up.

Haha sweet, sweet, revenge!!!
I felt his eyes on me once I moved my hand. I looked back and waved innocently. And flashed a smile before getting into a deep conversation about carrots with Louis.

I felt Zayn's hand linger down my back to my bum. I smiled and he squeezed my bum. I grabbed his hand and put it on his lap. Telling him that I can tease him but he can't tease me.

Zayn scooted closer to me and when I finished my convo with Lou, I gave Zayn my number. He texted me right away:

From Zayn
Really? Teasing? Nice. ;)

To Zayn
Yeah it's my specialty! U can take care of ur friend later, ;)

From Zayn
Ok can u be in the process?

To Zayn
Haha in ur dreams Malik!

From Zayn
Fine, don't tease me again though.

To Zayn
What about if I do? ;)

From Zayn
I'll tease you... ;)

With that I looked up at him. He noticed me looking and shot his head up. He smirked and winked. I blushed and started a convo with Niall.
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