The Fighter

Harry is dragged by Zayn to a female boxing match to see one of the best female fighters-Bethany. Harry watches Bethany as she fights and realizes by the way she moves, something about her is off but she's still powerful. When he gets the chance to meet her, and their relationship takes off, can they fight to keep their relationship together or will they be pulled apart because they both lead two totally different lives and Bethany's deep, dark secret?

*Includes sex, alcohol, self harm references/actions, and cursing*


32. Match Five


I had arrived at Bethany’s next match with all the guys and their girlfriends just to prove she wasn’t as bad as she came off the first time they met her. We took seats in the front and waited for the match to start.  

“So what exactly are we doing here?” Eleanor asked.

“We’re here to support Harry’s girlfriend.” Louis said, causing El to roll her eyes.

“Whatever.” Lou sighed and I tried to ignore them. Bethany mad met them once before after a match and she wasn’t looking so good so this was supposed to make it all better. She wasn’t a scary fighter and hopefully this would prove it to them.

“WELCOME TO THE RING…” The announcer started talking but I didn’t care, nor did I listen. I was too focused on the hallway Bethany would be coming out of.

When I heard Bethany’ name, she walked out looking furious. I suddenly regretted bringing everyone here. Our eyes met and hers softened slightly but once Mike said something to her, she nailed him in the gut, making everyone gasp. She spat on him and walked towards the ring.

“Is that her, Haz?” Danielle asked. I nodded slowly and swallowed slowly.

“She seems violent.”

“She’s not…she’s an angel.” I whispered, watching her every move as she was getting a massage while she waited.

“COME TO THE CENTER!” The ref yelled after a few minutes. Bethany stood up, had her robe stripped off her so she was in nothing but gloves, a sports bra, and spandex shorts. Her feet her covered in chalk; not her normal socks. I watched as she cracked her neck and the girl in the ring with her looked scared to death. I looked back at Bethany and it looked like she had fire in her eyes. “FIGHT!” The ref yelled. In seconds, the rescue squad was being brought up. Bethany had grabbed the girls back and knocked her in the face…she was out cold and not moving. Bethany was staring in shock at the girl, not sure what she had done herself. 

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