The Fighter

Harry is dragged by Zayn to a female boxing match to see one of the best female fighters-Bethany. Harry watches Bethany as she fights and realizes by the way she moves, something about her is off but she's still powerful. When he gets the chance to meet her, and their relationship takes off, can they fight to keep their relationship together or will they be pulled apart because they both lead two totally different lives and Bethany's deep, dark secret?

*Includes sex, alcohol, self harm references/actions, and cursing*


8. Jitters



I was watching her in the rearview mirror as I drove us all back to our place. She looked very fidgety and nervous. It was actually kind of cute since she seemed so fearless in the ring. It was a little calming seeing the nervous side of her since all I saw was the killer, violent side.

“We’re here.” Liam sang as I pulled into the driveway. I saw Bethany’s eye grow big. Just from seeing her reaction, I knew she probably didn’t have the nicest place in the world. I parked the car and we all got out. Bethany however, hung back. I walked over to her and touched her waist, making her jump.

“Are you alright?” I whispered in her ear. She nodded wordlessly and looked up at me.

“Yeah…I’m fine.” She whispered back, but she avoided my gaze as she said it. I sighed and followed her up to the house. When we walked in, she automatically started slowly spinning, taking the house in.

“Isn’t it pretty?” Niall said happily.

“Uh-huh…” Bethany said, still looking around.

“Is there anything specific you want for dinner?” Zayn asked, looking at me with his phone in hand.

“Uhm…I’m good with anything.”

“Is pizza good with everyone?” Zayn asked. Everyone nodded and Zayn left the room, dialing the phone.

“Uh…where’s the bathroom?” Bethany asked nervously, making me smile slightly. She really was a beautiful girl when she wasn’t beating people.

“I’ll show you where it is.” I said. She nodded and I led her up the stairs and to the bathroom.

“Jeez…if I remember how to get back down to where you guys are, I’d be surprised for myself.” She joked, making me laugh.

“Do you want me to wait for you?” I asked, half smiling. She smiled back at me and nodded.

“Yeah, thanks. I wouldn’t want to get lost.” I laughed again as she closed the bathroom door. I leaned up against the wall, and waited.



I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed how nervous I felt came out on my face. I was slightly red from being so overwhelmed. I quickly used the bathroom and then washed my face off. I opened the door and Harry was leaning against the wall, looking down at his phone. His long-ish, chocolate brown curls hung over his forehead as his long fingers quickly typed across the screen. Unknowingly, I bit down on my lip. I mean…what girl wouldn’t? Harry is probably the one I find the most attractive out of all of his friends.

“Hey there.” I finally said. Harry looked up and flashed me that perfect smile he has.

“Hey there to you too.” Harry joked. I smiled and bit my lip again. Harry blushed a little and looked away as he ran his hands through his hair. “Shall we?” I nodded and followed him back downstairs. I know this probably sounds sort of bad, but I was watching his bum as we walked…and damn was it FINE.

I shook my head, trying to shake the thoughts away since I barely knew him, but I couldn’t control the thoughts. He was too damn attractive. And he’s probably one of the few people not fully afraid of me, which is kind of a turn on too.

“Where did you two sneak off to?” Louis asked with a wink as Harry and I entered the living room.

“Harry was showing me where the bathroom was.”

“I’m sure that’s what went down.” Louis said sassily. I blushed and looked at Harry, who was blushing too.

“They’re blushing…something happened.” Zayn laughed out.

“NOTHING HAPPENED!” I jokingly yelled.

“Damn…the fighter has a voice too.” Louis said sassily. I ran over and jumped on him and messing up his hair. He finally got my arms and pried me off him. “And what do you think you’re doing?” Louis asked, annoyed.

“I could’ve beat the living shit out of you.” I pointed out. Louis looked at me than nodded.

“That’s true. I’ll take fucked up, sex hair over being beaten up.” Louis winked at me. I pried my hands from his grip and pushed him into the back of the chair, making him laugh.

“I hate you.” I said, crawling off him.

“Yeah, I’m sure you do.” He winked at me and I rolled my eyes.

“Dick.” I mumbled as I sat next to him on the couch.

“Damn…that is quite the dirty mouth you have.” I stuck my tongue out at him, making everyone laugh.

“I remember when I was five and that was an insult.” Louis snapped.

“I’m keeping my mouth shut.” I said, crossing my arms.

“You can’t- you just said something.” Niall pointed out. I rolled my eyes and watched as Harry took a seat on the couch across from me. He looked slightly annoyed, but I didn’t know why.



Watching Bethany flirt with Louis kind of annoyed me. I didn’t know why though. I mean she wasn’t mine and probably never will be. I mean…be honest with yourself; a pop star can’t date an illegal, underground fighter…right? 

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