The Fighter

Harry is dragged by Zayn to a female boxing match to see one of the best female fighters-Bethany. Harry watches Bethany as she fights and realizes by the way she moves, something about her is off but she's still powerful. When he gets the chance to meet her, and their relationship takes off, can they fight to keep their relationship together or will they be pulled apart because they both lead two totally different lives and Bethany's deep, dark secret?

*Includes sex, alcohol, self harm references/actions, and cursing*


28. Day Together

The next day, Harry and I spent it together. The first thing we did after we got up and ready, was he dragged me to a café for breakfast.

“You don’t mind being seen with me in public, do you?” Harry asked, sounding nervous.

“Why would I mind?”

“Well…I mean…you aren’t used to it so I didn’t know if it would bother you.”

“It’s defiantly different if that’s what you’re asking.”

“I would assume so…since you’re used to living far away from this.”

“Yeah, the worst things we see are shootings and the cops never come because we’re just not important enough.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Think about it…what person in their right mind that comes to the slums?”

“No one that I can think of besides Zayn.” I giggled and pointed at him.

“You were with Zayn…”

“Zayn dragged me along; there’s a difference. But I’m sure happy he did drag me along or we wouldn’t be here right now.”

“Oh yeah; because you can’t drink tea and have cake with anyone else this early in the morning.”

“I really can’t. Most of my friends are still sleeping. Then there’s you, who gets up at four in the morning every day.”

“Except Sunday.” I pointed at him.

“On Sunday I don’t get up until about six.”

“Wow…don’t you push limits? Two extra hours…”

“You’d be surprised what those two hours can do.” Harry shook his head and rolled his eyes. After we finished breakfast, Harry took us to the train station. “Where are we going…?” I asked as Harry walked up to me with two train tickets.


“Why are we going to Kent…?”

“That’s where the nearest beach is.” Harry said, putting his arm around me. I smiled up at him and kissed his cheek.

“What beach?”

“Chamber sands.” I put my arm around his waist and leaned into his body as we went to board the train.

“It sounds nice…”

“It’s very nice.” I giggled as we grabbed a two seater together. 

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