The Fighter

Harry is dragged by Zayn to a female boxing match to see one of the best female fighters-Bethany. Harry watches Bethany as she fights and realizes by the way she moves, something about her is off but she's still powerful. When he gets the chance to meet her, and their relationship takes off, can they fight to keep their relationship together or will they be pulled apart because they both lead two totally different lives and Bethany's deep, dark secret?

*Includes sex, alcohol, self harm references/actions, and cursing*


9. Bailing Dan



For the next half hour or so, we all joked around. Turns out the guys are really nice and fun to be around- and just to top it off, they’re in an upcoming boy band, One Direction. Which…you can’t lie about- it is pretty cool.

When the pizza arrived, Zayn went and got it and placed it on the coffee table. We all ate for the most part in silence. When we finished, I looked at a clock and realized this was the first time I’ve been out in awhile. I smiled, finally feeling happy when my phone started buzzing in my pocket. I pulled it out and didn’t recognize the number. Weird.

“Hello?’ I said slowly.

“Beth?” Immediately I felt the tears well up in my eyes.

“Where are you?” I whispered. The boys all turned to look at me as I wiped the tears away.

“Jail; I need bailed out.” I sighed as more tears started to fall.

“I’m coming.” I hung up the phone and stood up. “Thanks for dinner guys but…I need to get going.”

“Why so early?” Niall asked sadly.

“I have some…things to take care of.” I said slowly.

“Do you want a ride?” Harry asked.

“No…not here.” I whispered. I waved goodbye as I grabbed my backpack and walked outside. I wiped my tears away and started running to the police station.

An hour later, I arrived and walked in. They all recognized me and gave me sympathetic smiles. I hated being here.

“Bethany Wacker…” Officer Hale said. I sighed and nodded.

“Yeah…how much is the bail this time?”

“A thousand.” I nodded and reached into my backpack, handing him a thousand in cash. I watched as he counted it and then he nodded. “His court date is in a month.”

“What’d he do this time?” I whispered.

“He almost murdered and robbed a woman.” I sighed and pressed my eyes together to keep the tears from streaming down my face. “He also had possession of cocaine on him and he had it running through his system at the time.” This time tears couldn’t help but fall. “Let’s go get him.”

“Wait…” I said slowly. He turned and looked at me. “Do I have to bail him out?”

“No. If you want us to take care of him, we can. He’s three years older than you…you shouldn’t be taking care of him.” I sighed and looked around.

“May I talk to him before I decide?”

“Of course you may; follow me.” I followed Officer Hale to the holding cell and saw Dan sitting there, with his head up against the wall. “You have a visitor, Dan Wacker.” Dan looked up, saw me, and smiled toothily.

“Bethany! I knew you would come!” Dan said happily. I nodded simply. “Why isn’t he unlocking the cell doors?”

“Dan…we can’t keep doing this…” I whispered.

“It won’t happen again; I promise!”

“You’ve said that the past few times.” I said, started to cry even more.

“Bethany…what are you saying? Do you not believe me?” Dan’s face was growing bright red from anger.

“Dan…you’re my brother, and I love you…but I can’t keep doing this. We can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep bailing you out of jail so you can get into more and more trouble. I mean…you almost murdered a poor, innocent woman tonight! Why should I bail you out?!”

“Are you kidding me?!” Dan yelled, throwing his fists at the wall.

“I’m sorry Dan…I can’t do this. I’m leaving the state in charge of you.” I whispered. Dan started yelling and screaming, but Officer Hale led me back to his office so I wouldn’t have to hear it.

“You did the right thing.” He said, handing me my money back.

“Thanks…” I whispered. I pushed the tears from my eyes.

“Would you like ride back home?” I nodded wordlessly and he grabbed some keys. “Let’s go.”  I followed him to his car, and climbed in. I was silent the whole ride home, unable to form words.

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