The Fighter

Harry is dragged by Zayn to a female boxing match to see one of the best female fighters-Bethany. Harry watches Bethany as she fights and realizes by the way she moves, something about her is off but she's still powerful. When he gets the chance to meet her, and their relationship takes off, can they fight to keep their relationship together or will they be pulled apart because they both lead two totally different lives and Bethany's deep, dark secret?

*Includes sex, alcohol, self harm references/actions, and cursing*


33. Aftermath


Seconds were whirling by, minutes seemed like hours, and hours seemed like days…the girl was still unmoving. I had my face in my hands and I could still feel Harry, his friend’s, and his friend’s girlfriends’ still staring at me. I looked up for the second time and saw them all still looking at me.

I stood up and walked over to Harry and as I made my way over, I saw the girls faces’ turn to pure fright in their eyes.

“Harry…” I whispered when I got to him. He jumped the rope and brought me close to him. I cried into his shoulder as I felt him running a hand through my hair and another gripping my back.

“She’s going to be okay Bethany…” Harry whispered into my ear. I nodded slowly as Harry pushed me off of him. “See?” I glanced up and saw the girl sitting up. I sighed of relief and pushed Harry off me. I walked up to the girl and sat down next to her.

“Hey…” I whispered. She glanced at me but said nothing.

“I’m really sorry.” She nodded, her eyes softening.

“Thanks.” She croaked out. I nodded and went back over to Harry.

“Is she okay?” Harry asked me. I nodded and sat down on the bleachers next t him. “At least you apologized; that was the right thing to do.”

“Yeah…” I whispered, looking down at my hands. I noticed some of my cuts were peaking out and I hoped Harry didn’t see them.

“What are those?” Harry asked almost as if on que with my thoughts.

“They’re just cuts from practice.”

“They seem oddly placed for them to happen at practice.” Harry said sassily.

“Listen, I’m fine. I just have a lot of stress right now.”

“And you think that’s how you get it out?!” Harry’s voice started rising and I felt my anger growing again.

“Go fuck yourself.” I spat before whirling around and storming away. I walked into my dressing room, grabbed my bag, and stormed out without saying a word to anyone. 



“You were right Haz, she’s not scary at all.” El said sassily.

“Cool it, okay?” Louis said, answering for me. “I’ve met her multiple times…she really isn’t all that bad.”

“Yeah, maybe she had a bad day.” Liam jumped in with. I honestly didn’t know what was going on with her anymore and it bothered me. I felt like she was keeping something from me but I couldn’t place my finger on it.

“She may not be that bad but she has the power to kill someone! She almost killed someone today!”

“El, you need to cool the fuck down!” Zayn snapped.

“Zayn…” Perrie said, grabbing his arm.

“Sorry…” He leaned over and kissed Perrie’s head, making her smile.

“What do you see in her, Haz?” Danielle finally asked me.

“All the good she has in her, how much she cares, tries…I see her dedicated, good side…the only time I see the violent side is during a match, but they normally aren’t this violent. That’s why I brought you guys.”

“Well, see how that turned out.”

“ELEANOR!” Louis yelled.

“What? I’m just saying the truth.”

“Can you please stop ragging on Harry for his choice in girls? He likes her, she seems to like him, so just leave them alone.” Louis sighed.

“Whatever.” El said, making me sigh. Why couldn’t Bethany just tell me what was going on so I could help her…



I showed up on Harry’s doorstep before he even got home. I was still slightly covered in blood and I was really sore from practically knocking the girl out.

“Bethany?” I looked up and saw Harry climb out of a car with everyone behind him. “Are you okay?”


“What are you doing here?”

“I need help…” My eyes were covered with tears that refused to fall. Harry nodded and came up to me, taking me in his arms. He helped me up and led me up to his shower and helped me in. He stayed in the bathroom, sitting on the floor by the shower, keeping me company.

After all the blood was washed off, I stepped out and Harry wrapped a towel around my head and another around my body. He took me into his bedroom and lay me down on his bed. I curled up next to him and he kissed my arms, forehead and fingers repeatedly. I smiled for the first time in a long time and fell asleep how I was, in Harry’s arms.



I watched as she drifted off to sleep in her towel. Part of me wanted to remove the towel and put on pajamas for her but another part of me thought she would wake up so I decided to wait awhile. I decided just to watch her sleep. She finally looked trouble-free when she slept. There was something very peaceful about how she slept.

After a good hour, I finally took the towels off Bethany and put her in my clothes. She seemed to curl into them more comfortably. I sighed and walked downstairs while Bethany slept.

“Where have you been?” Louis asked. I shrugged and sighed.

“Helping Bethany get herself cleaned up.”

“A girl can do that herself.” El stated.

“Stop being so damn sassy; why can’t you accept that Harry likes her?” Louis asked,

“Because she’s so scary.” El announced.

“I still love her.” I snapped finally. El looked at me in surprise and nodded.

“Alright.” She whispered. I sighed, happy I got El to shut up but it still bothered me how all she could do was rag on Bethany. It bothered me a hell of a lot. 

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