Louis or Harry. No choice.

Catherines P.O.V

I'm not one of those girls who had a bad upbringing. Mine was really good. I have2 sisters and 2 brothers. I live in Atlanta Georgia with my mom and dad. Ant the best part is, Louis Tomlinson, yes Louis Tomlinson asked me out 3.days ago. We've known each other for almost 6 years. We met in 10th grade. And have been friends ever since. But when I was in 12th grade was when I started gaining feelings for him. But he was dating Eleanor. She had to break him heart. I sort of thank her for that, because boobear is all mine. ;-D


7. You'll know. Even if i die.

Louis' P.O.V

"Good morning beautiful!" I whispered. She looked at me and said the same, she made a face that looked like she was in pain. "What's wrong? " I asked looking into her eyes. She looked down and smirked. "My lower half of my body hurts like hell!" "Why?..." I looked at her. "I just Lost my virginty to a man that doesn't listen when I say take it slow" she rolled her eyes. Did I really hurt her. "I didn't mean to at all. I promise, just got caught up in the moment, are you okay?" I said while rubing her back. "No not really, I can't move" she looked ashamed. So I got up and dug threw my closet. I was searching for my wheelchair. Aha. I opened it and wheeled it to her. "No, Louis stop this." She argues But I just ignored her. I went up to her slid my hand under her back, and right below her bum. And gently placed her in the chair. She smiled at me and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I felt like melting right there, But I knew she was hungry. When we made it to the stairs I picked her up and walked her to the couch. "Stay right her." I said "Where else can I go your big friend paralyzed me. I smiled and grabbed the wheelchair. Again I picked her up and put her in the wheelchair. I strolled her in the kitchen. All the boys were awake. Just my luck. "What the fuck happened to you?" Niall asked. She looked at me. I guess I was to answer. I looked at niall and just shook my head. "Oh I see, I think someone forgot their virginty in the bed!" Zayn assumed. Catherine laughed so I guess I did, then everyone else did But Harry. Harry, left the room with a tear in his eye. Did he have feelings for my lady.

Catherine's P.O.V

All the boys knew. Great an awkward day was coming towards me. "Please let's not talk about it. I really don't want an awkward day." I said looking at the ceiling. Louis left the room to go make me a plate. Liam looked at me and gave me a look. "Was he good?" Omg did he just ask me that. But I couldn't lie to Liam he was one of my favorite to the boys. "Okay it was amazing, despite the fact that he didn't process that I said go slow. So now I'm all like this. And in pain at my down there's. " I whispered. "Now you know so just drop !" They all seemed suprised unsaid he was good. I was so confused. Louis came back in with my pate and his plate. The placed it on the table and kissed my forehead. I smiled. So did he. He pulled up a chair and ate right next to me. Love him so much no matter how much pain he put me in. I love him.

Harry's P.O.V

I sat down on my bed and let the tears roll down my checks. I love Catherine so much. But Louis my best mate asked her out 30 minutes before I was. I could of had sex with her last night and Louis could of heard all her moans and silent screams. I've loved Catherine for 7 years.
*Flashback* "please come in find a seat ant seat, and just act like your paying attention I would like to get paid" Mr. Martin said. I was knew to Albert middle. I moved from Cheshire to America because my dad's job. I scanned the room and saw only one empty seat. It was next to a beautiful girl. She had perfect black hair. I'm not sure what her race was But she looked like she was mixed with something dark. She was beautiful. I walked down the isle and placed my things down on the.desk. "Hi, I'm Harry, I just moved her...." she looked at me. I got to e into her eyes they were brown But with a green outline just around the pupil. They were beautiful. "Are you British " she asked smiling. She had the most magnificent smile I had ever seen. I nodded my head speechless from her smile. "By the way I'm Catherine Tench. Catherine lynn Tench! " she said. She. Smiled at me But she looked away. So I did to. I saw Mr. Martin teaching, he was talking about George Washington's army. History was always my worst subject, But I guess if Catherine's in this class I maybe may start to like it. 30 minutes later. "Alright guys don't forget to Do your homework! " he yelled across the class room. The bell rang. I stood up and walked near Catherine. "Hey, I was wondering if you would like to hang out sometime? " " sorry I can't. My dad would never let me." She looked embarrassed and walked away. * flashback over* I just wish she could know how I feeljust maybe she would gain feelings for me not Louis. I know he doesn't love her. He just has a crush. I need to tell her how I feel. I'm going to Do it in exactly a week. Next week on Friday I'll tell her even if I'm dying she will find out.
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