Louis or Harry. No choice.

Catherines P.O.V

I'm not one of those girls who had a bad upbringing. Mine was really good. I have2 sisters and 2 brothers. I live in Atlanta Georgia with my mom and dad. Ant the best part is, Louis Tomlinson, yes Louis Tomlinson asked me out 3.days ago. We've known each other for almost 6 years. We met in 10th grade. And have been friends ever since. But when I was in 12th grade was when I started gaining feelings for him. But he was dating Eleanor. She had to break him heart. I sort of thank her for that, because boobear is all mine. ;-D


9. Thanks Louis

Finally I updated a chapter! I hope you enjoy! (I'm writing on my phone because I don't want to break a promise) My phone is acting like a tard so when ever i put in quotation marks it comes up with the word, Im so sorry. I hope i can fix it or find a different method. PLEASE COMMENT LIKE! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Catherine's P.O.V - "So, what are you guys doing today" I asked trying to forget our earlier convorsation. "We actually have some interviews and then.....nothing" Liam answered while stuffing his face like the fat pig he is. We all know Liam has a fat women deep down inside of him. "I would say we should do something but our dear friend Louis has ruined things for me!" I joked while carefully cutting my pancakes. I looked at Louis and his face was red with embarrasment. He turned his face towards me and I knew i shouldnt of said anything. I could see it in his eyes he wanted me to shut up about it. I stared back at him with a sincere face letting him know I was sorry. Then again. He should have listened. It was an awkward silence until Zayn decided to say something. "Are you sure it was that good?" Zayn snickered causing everyone else to give me and Louis smiles that were about a mile long. "You guys have that much doubt in my sexual capabilities?" Louis asked giving them all death stares. "I thought it was pretty good, I'm sure you all heard us. Don't you guys know the saying the louder the better!" All the boys basically spit out whatever food was in their mouths and just smiled at Louis' sexual remark. I wasnt really sure how I was supposed to take that. As a good thing or a bad thing. I know how Louis felt about it. It was pretty obvious. And here we go again with these more embarassing remarks from Niall, Liam, and Zayn. And here i am thinking Louis wanted me to shut up about it.
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