Louis or Harry. No choice.

Catherines P.O.V

I'm not one of those girls who had a bad upbringing. Mine was really good. I have2 sisters and 2 brothers. I live in Atlanta Georgia with my mom and dad. Ant the best part is, Louis Tomlinson, yes Louis Tomlinson asked me out 3.days ago. We've known each other for almost 6 years. We met in 10th grade. And have been friends ever since. But when I was in 12th grade was when I started gaining feelings for him. But he was dating Eleanor. She had to break him heart. I sort of thank her for that, because boobear is all mine. ;-D


2. I think I'm jealous.....

Louis P.O.V

"Dont you ever worry about......Cathy and James always spending so much time together?" Niall asked. "No, I trust her a lot. And she trusts me." I answered. But really I was jealous. He got to spend so much time with her, while I only got to text and call her. James had what girls call 'The complete package'. He is a model, body builder, athlete, charming and so much more things that I will probably never ever be. "C'mon guys, we got to go to the studio!" Liam yelled from the top of the stairs. I then stood up and shook all the stress away, and just walked to the car. I was just hoping that James doesnt come in between me and Catherine.


Catherine's P.O.V


"Where are we going." I asked James. He didnt answer. He just stared at the road. "James answer me, now!" I started to yell. "We are going to my house....I have a suprise for you." I saw that he smiled a little. Great, i told my self. i hope that this isnt one of his plans to try and go out with me. "I'm not going to go out with you, no matter what you do. I have a boyfriend how many times do i have to tell you." I said trying to be calm. He stopped the car and looked at me. I knew what he was going to say next. I looked at him and rolled my eyes. "Bring me home, now. I'm tired of your suckish plans. You're supposed to be my best friend. Nothing more." I yelled really loud this time. I actually startled him. He looked at me with tears in his eyes. I started to feel bad. I looked away, I didn't want him to know that I cared. As I was looking out the still window. I started to feel something on my leg. It was warm. It was his  hand. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING JAMES, DONT YOU EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN YOU PERVE!"  I slapped him. right across the face and got out the car. He sped off, he knew i would have someone come get me, someone who will beat his ass...............Louis My baby, Louis.

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