Room Survise,Nando's and Beach House

(Changed Blurb) Hi! Abbie & her bestfriend Bryony work at a hotel! They get called for room-service, and the one and ONLY One Direction are there! They meet there bestfriends Lisa & Claire! There are realationships made...and some broken! But what's gonna happen at the end of Summer? Thank you for reading! Enjoy! Xxx


7. Ta-Dah! I'm here!

Nando's." the man said. "You's start tomorrow at 1:00

"Ok" I said.

Bryony was looking at the floor. Pretty upset now.

We got into our cars and drove to Bryony's old apartment. We opend the door and sat on the couch.

"Look hunny, at least we have a job." I said trying to calm her.

"I know, it's just I miss being a maid". She said sadly.

I looked at her.

"Don't worry." I said.

We got into our seprate rooms. I set my alarm for 11:00.


I got up and woke up Bryony.

"Wake up" I said

Bryonys POV

I woke up.

"Morning!" she said. "Lets get dressed"

We had to get dressed in a black top with black skinny jeans and a pair of red sneakers. We both added some mascara and a little lipgloss. We both got down to stairs and it's now 12:37. We ate our toast quickly and got into our car's.

Once we got to Nando's we where both excited but nervous.

Our boss Cindy told us what to do so we both got started to our work.

I wen't to table "12" while Abbie served out table "13"'s lunch.

"Hey, welcome to Nando's. What would you's like?" I asked.

The customers where dressed all wearing sunglasses, a snap-cap, some with cheno's, some with skinny jeans and wearing a t-shirt with a big coat.

I think I looked suspicously and caught a curly one's attention.

"I wan'" he said.

"HARRY!" I said and he got out of the booth and hugged me.

"Don't tell Abbie, tell her to order our table. Don't act suspisious." said Niall.

"Ok" I said.

I wen't to the washing up room and said to Abbie to serve table "12"'s food.

"Ok" said Abbie.

Abbie's POV

I got the plates with food on them and came over to table "12". I was starting to feel suspisious about Bryony.

"Here's your food." I said.

"Thank you" they all said.

"Umm...can you sit down a sec?" one of them said.

I sat down and then they took of thier hat's and sunglasses.

"OMG!" I said so happy. I jumped around.

"So, what are you and Bryony doing the rest of the day?" Louis asked.

"Ummm, we've got work until 10:00pm so alot sadly" I was quite upset. I knew me and Bryony wanted to stay with them but we'll get fired.

"Well, why can't you tell you're boss that you and Bryony need to leave?" asked Liam kindly.

"Naa...we'll probaly get fired." I said sadly.

It was still in December and it was the 23rd and we get of and go back to work until next year in December (They have alot of staff so we a really long time off!)

"We get of on tomorrow so we do. Then we're not busy until next year in December!" I said. Bryony walked over to us.

"Enjoy you're suprise?" she said with a cheeky grin.

"Thank you!" I said.

"I was talking to Cindy and she said that we can leave now because there's more worker's already. She said we're off until 30th of November!

"What? YAY!" I shouted.

"Let's go" said the boy's excitdely.

"Ok" We both said.

We all got into each other's cars. Louis, Zayn and Niall in my car and Harry and Liam in Bryony's car.

We drove to Zayn's GIGANTIC house.

It had 14 bedrooms. YES 14! 14 en'suite's, 5 kitchens, 3 living rooms and a GIGANTIC GARDEN! WITH A POOL!

"WOW!" Bryony said.

I coudn't say anything because I was so shocked how big it was!

Zayn opend the door and we all sat on the couch.

"Wan't food?" asked Louis.

"Sure'' we all said.

Bryony's POV

I sat on Harry's knee because I missed him so much. Abbie sat on Niall's knee.

Louis came back with a bowl of popcorn and some cans of Coke.He gave everybody coke and we all deicieded to watch a movie.

"Toy Story?'' asked Liam.

"Suprise suprise'' said Harry.

We all laughed. We watched the movie and then deicieded to watch the 2nd and 3rd Toy Story. (Liam's idea!)

I fell asleep still with Harry I remember him standing up with me around his neck sleeping. He carried me to my bedroom.

"Night" Harry whispered.

He left and then I felt my phone buzz.


HARRY: U ok? :)

ME: Yeah, can't get 2 sleep :(

HARRY: Wan't me 2 come in?

ME: Yeah :D


He came in and I moved up for him.

"You ok?" he asked. Aww cute!
''Yeah'' I said.

He cuddled up to me and I remember sleeping on Harry's chest.


Harry's POV


I wouldn't sleep she was so cute when she slept i just started at her all night long but i fell asleep at about 4:00am













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