Room Survise,Nando's and Beach House

(Changed Blurb) Hi! Abbie & her bestfriend Bryony work at a hotel! They get called for room-service, and the one and ONLY One Direction are there! They meet there bestfriends Lisa & Claire! There are realationships made...and some broken! But what's gonna happen at the end of Summer? Thank you for reading! Enjoy! Xxx


21. Ooooops!

Claire POV

Omgomgomg WHAT IS GOING ON! Everybody isn't tell me now and I'm getting realy scared!


Louis' POV

I'm sitting in the lounge watching some soccer and Claire walk's in.

"Ohhh-o-my-g-g-g-godd!" I said toher. She blushed and my heart dropped.

"What is happening today?" she asked.

"Umm" I said. Just at that moment Harry walked in.

"I've made dinner for you and Cl-" he said and then covered his mouth. Oooooooohhh crap.

"Ummm yeahhh." I said to Claire. This coudn't be more awkward!

"Everybody into the Lounge NOW!" Claire said.

Everybody came down the stairs and looked a bit dissapointed.


Claire's POV

"What is going on!" I say.

The room is filled with : Umms, Welllll, You see.

"Tell me!" I said a bit more angirly.

"Well, you see everybody including me are...trying to set you and Lou up on a date" said Harry.

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