Room Survise,Nando's and Beach House

(Changed Blurb) Hi! Abbie & her bestfriend Bryony work at a hotel! They get called for room-service, and the one and ONLY One Direction are there! They meet there bestfriends Lisa & Claire! There are realationships made...and some broken! But what's gonna happen at the end of Summer? Thank you for reading! Enjoy! Xxx


6. Fired

Bryony's POV

Me and Harry had an amazing nigh. I'm so tired. I still don't know where she is. I'm getting really worried now.

Harry's POV

Once Bryony got to her room, I wen't to see the boy's at the Hotel where there at. So, I deicieded to crash there for the night.

Abbie's POV

I woke up, still with Niall. I could see he was looking at me in the corner of his eye.

"What is it?" I asked him curiously. "You're cute when you sleep"he said.

"Aww, that's so embarrissing!" I said. I through a pillow at him.

"It's still cute!"he said with laughter.

"What time is it?"I asked yawning.

"12:00" He said.

"WHAT!" I yelled sending him to jump.

"Why, what's wrong?"he asked comfused.

"I'M LATE FOR WORK!"I shouted.

"It's okay"he said soothingly.

"It's not! I'm fired!"I said crying in the pillow.

"Bryony!" I gasped.

"I have to go now, thank you so much for last night!" I said quickly, he was barely able to understand what I said.

"Okay, well I'll see you later?" he asked. Cute.

"Umm sure!" I said quickly.

I quickly ran to the elavator and got to 3rd floor. I sprinted to our room. Bryony jumped when I ran in.

"WHERE WHERE YOU!"she shouted.

"I...wen't to Nialls and...fell asleep." I said panting, trying to catch my breath.

"I'm sorry!"I said to her.

"It's okay." she said camly.

"Work!"I shouted, I actually forgot to tell her this!

"Uncle Stephen came in and...where fired." she said nearly flooding in tears. (She calls him her Uncle aswell)

"Did you explain?" I asked.

"Yeah, but he said no excuse's as he's has enough" she said sadly.

We decieded to pack our bag's and leave ASAP to find another job.

We got to the boy's door and knocked. All the boy's where here back from the other Hotel in town.

"We've been fired" I said camly.

"WHAT!" they all said in usion.

"We're sorry" said Bryony quietly.

"Don't worry." said Harry and came over to Bryony hugging her and gave her a small kiss on her forehead.

Niall did the same to me.

"We need to leave ASAP" I said.

"Were really sorry" said Zayn,

"It's not your fault's." Bryony said smoothly.

"It's me and Harry's fault, you's woudn't be leaving if we didn't take you out on a date!" said Niall angerily.

"Don't worry" Me and Bryony said together.

We left with that we left and gave our work cards back to the reseptionist.

"I'm sorry girls" she said.

"It's fine, we'll get another job" Bryony said to not make her afraid of us not getting another job.

"Bye" she said.

"Bye" Me and Bryony both said.

We both got into our cars and drove to a Job Centre to find jobs. We arrived and wen't inside. After hours of work we finally got our results.

"Are you's Abbie Sibley and Bryony Remi?"

Yes" We said.

"You's both got the same score and you's are now working in-



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