Room Survise,Nando's and Beach House

(Changed Blurb) Hi! Abbie & her bestfriend Bryony work at a hotel! They get called for room-service, and the one and ONLY One Direction are there! They meet there bestfriends Lisa & Claire! There are realationships made...and some broken! But what's gonna happen at the end of Summer? Thank you for reading! Enjoy! Xxx



Harry's POV

It's now July and all of us are getting really bored staying at Zayn's.

"Let's play Truth or Dare" said Louis.

"Ok" we all said.

We all sat in a big circle and I rushed over to sit beside Bryony.

"Liam, truth or dare?" said Louis.

"Dare." he replied.

"I dare you as many marshmallows and them drink a whole 3L bottle of coke." said Louis.

"Ok." said Liam. He wen't downstairs amd got marshmallows and coke.

"Ready...1...2...3!" said Zayn.

Liam ate 57 marshmallows and drank the coke and then wen't to the bathroom and was sick...EVERYWHERE.

"Ewww!" said Abbie and Bryony.

"Uhhh...girls." said Louis.

We all laughed.

"Harry, truth or dare?" said Liam.

"Dare" I replied.

"I dare you too...snog Bryony" said Liam.

Thank...GOD! I have wanted to do this the first time I saw her.

I leaned into Bryony and she did aswell and we kissed.

"I've wanted to do this the first day I saw you" I whispered in her ear.

I saw her smile.

"Niall, truth or dare?" I said.

"Umm, truth" he replied.

"Out of everyone, what girl do you want the most?" I said.

"Abbie" he whispered.

"WHATTT!" said Louis. "NIALLER HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!" Louis screamed.

After Louis had his screaming match I had a phone call.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hey it's Paul. We've just got a phone-call and you, the boy's and the girls are going to a gigantic each house somewhere in America. You're flights are tomorrow at 2:00am.

"Aww thanks mate!" I said.

I told everyone and they were really excited.

We were packing up when I heard a knock on my door.

"Hey" said Bryony as she walked in.

"Hey" I said. This is awkward.

"So today when we play Truth or Dare did you mean-" said Bryony.

"Yes, I did Bryony, I wan't to be with you" I said.

She smiled and I gave her a wink.

Nialls POV


I wen't down the stairs and saw Abbie.

"Hey" I said.

"Heyy!" she said happily.

"Look, today when we were playing Truth or Dare I know when you said you liked me I know you didn't mean-" she said. I cut her off and kissed her.

"If I did mean it would I do that?" I said.

She was smiling and then did I was going to fall for her...and hard.

A/N Sorry guy's short chapter! I've got so much homework today. I will update tomorrow! Keep reading my ducklings because theres a big suprise...


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