Summer Love

Lizzie was having the time of her life. She was spending the summer with her friend Sara. There she had a summer fling with a guy named Niall. Over that summer Niall took Lizzie's virginity. That was back in 2009, three years ago. Now Lizzie and her son Jackson where getting ready to vist her old friend Zayn. What happens when Lizzie swears Zayn's friend Niall looks familiar? Will Niall recognize her too?


9. Chapter 8 Ten years later

Jackson's POV

"Wake up Jack." My mom called from downstairs. I lay in bed staring up at the celling. I was 13 today but nothing felt any different. "Jack." I turn to see my uncle Hunter standing in the doorway. "You mom wants up ready for school.

"But Hunter." I cry. "You promised I could go to your concert tonight." 

"I know." He sighed. "But your mom wants you to go to school."

"But you said all the older stars would be there." I said. "Justin Beiber, The Wanted, Philip Philips, One Direction." 

My mom came in at the last one. "Jackson you don't need to go see them do you?"

"Please mom." I beg. "I'll get Emily or Carmon to text me the homework."

Mom shots Uncle Hunter a look before letting out a sigh. "Fine you can go."

"Thank you so much." I cry wrapping my mom in a hug. "Your the best mom ever."

She gave a small smile. "Stick close to Uncle Hunter ok." 

"Ok." I agree. 

Mom and Uncle Hunter head downstairs for breakfast. I threw on a red shirt and my old jeans and headed downstairs. As I was about to round the corner  into the kitchen when I heard mom and uncle Hunter talking.

"Whatever you do don't let him talk to you know who." Mom said. "He doesn't know and I don't want him to find out."

"I still don't see the point of not telling him." Uncle Hunter said. "He's 13 years old." 

"We'll I'm his mother so please don't let him know Jackson is there." Mom sighed.

"Ok." Uncle Hunter said. "I won't."

I couldn't take it anymore. "So I won't what?" 

"Nothing." Mom smiled. "Just go have fun with Hunter."

I nod following Uncle Hunter out the door . "You ready Jack?" 

I nod hopping in his car. 

Uncle Hunter smiled pulling out of the driveway.



sorry for the time jump but nothing was going to happen in between.

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