Summer Love

Lizzie was having the time of her life. She was spending the summer with her friend Sara. There she had a summer fling with a guy named Niall. Over that summer Niall took Lizzie's virginity. That was back in 2009, three years ago. Now Lizzie and her son Jackson where getting ready to vist her old friend Zayn. What happens when Lizzie swears Zayn's friend Niall looks familiar? Will Niall recognize her too?


7. Chapter 6

Niall's POV

"He's mine." I whispered. Harry looked at me his eyes wide. "How do you know?"

"Just look at Jackson." I muttered. "He's looks just like me." 

Harry looked closely at Jackson. "Your right." He gasped. 

"Come here Jack." Harry called. He turned his blue eyes puzzled. "Why Harry? Is mommy home?" "No." Harry smiled. "But daddy is."

"Daddy?" Jackson repeated. "Daddy isn't here."

"Then where is daddy?" I asked leaning down wanting to know what Lizzie had told him. "Daddy is gone." He said. "He left." "Where did he go?" Harry asked.  "Daddy left." Jackson repeated. 

My phone buzzed. I picked it up. "It's from Louis."

Jackson's yours?!?!?!?!?

"Look's like Lizzie told him." Harry laughed. "But not me." I muttered. 

I know

I texted back. Almost instantly Louis texted me.

For how long?

Only like an hour.

"Do you want to know where daddy is?" Harry asked turning his attention back to Jackson. "Yes." Jackson cried clapping his hands. "Where's daddy?" 

"Daddy is-" Harry started. 

"Jackson." Lizzie cried rushing into the room picking him up. "How was your day?"

"Harry's going to tell me where daddy is." Jackson laughed. "He was." Lizzie growled turning her blue eyes on Harry. 

"I didn't say that." Harry said. "I asked where his daddy was."

"No." Jackson laughed. "You said daddy was here." 

"Harry." LIzzie said through gritted teeth. "Niall can I talk to you both."

"What about Jackson." Harry protested. LIzzie handed Jackson some legos. "There now he's occupied."

She walked out of the room leaving us to follow. "Come on." I muttered pushing Harry in front of me. 

"So you both know." Lizzie said as soon as I shut the door. We nodded. "And you though oh i'll just go tell Jackson that for the past three years mommy had been lying to him about daddy."

"No." I said taking a step forward. "You weren't lying to him. I was gone but now I want to be part of his life. Can we please tell him who his daddy is?"

Lizzie blue eyes slowly soften. "Really?" I nod moving in. "Please?" 

"Yes." Lizzie whispered. "Yes we can tell him."

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