Summer Love

Lizzie was having the time of her life. She was spending the summer with her friend Sara. There she had a summer fling with a guy named Niall. Over that summer Niall took Lizzie's virginity. That was back in 2009, three years ago. Now Lizzie and her son Jackson where getting ready to vist her old friend Zayn. What happens when Lizzie swears Zayn's friend Niall looks familiar? Will Niall recognize her too?


3. Chapter 3

Niall's POV

"Niall." Liam called. "Lizzie and Jackson are here." "I'll be down in a second." I called back. I looked at on of my pictures for the best summer of my life. I had met the most beautiful girl there, but I hadn't seen here since that summer three years ago.

I heard laughter coming from downstairs. I hopped off my bed heading down the stairs. There the boys were surrounding Zayn holding a little boy. He was actually pretty cute. He looked a lot like his mom at least from the back. 

I reached the floor standing just behind Zayn's friend Lizzie. "Hey." I said. "You must be Zayn's friend." As she turned around a memory flashed. "Niall." She whispered. This couldn't be Liz could it?

Lizzie's POV

The blond guy looked at me funny. "How did you know my name?" He asked. "Zayn told me." I said. Zayn looked at me funny. I shot him a look.

"So this must be Jackson." Niall said taking Jackson from Zayn. "Yep." I said. "He's turn three in a week." 

"Three." Jackson laughed holding up three fingers. "He's adorable." Louis laughed taking Jackson. "You want a carrot Jacko?" Louis asked carrying Jackson into the kitchen.

"Well LizBiz." Zayn laughed. "How does it feel to be out of the house." "Great." I smiled giving him a hug. "I haven't seen you in years." 

"I know." Zayn laughed. "Jackson's so big now you sure he's turning three?" I nod, laughing. "He's three." "Well his birthday is four days before Niall's." I flinch at him name. I was almost certain it was the same Niall from three years ago. 

"What's wrong?" Zayn asked. "Nothing." I said turning away. "I'm going to go get Jackson from the others." "Good luck." Zayn laughed. 

I walk through the house looking for the others. "Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall, Jackson." I call. "In her Mommy." Jackson called. I follow him voice. "Hey Lizzie." Liam said as I walked in. "Niall and I were watching Jackson, I hope thats ok." I nod. "But it's time to get settled in."

"But Mommy." Jackson said from the floor next to Niall. "Niall was helping me." Niall gave me a wave. "I can watch him if you want." 

"No." I sigh picking up Jackson. "He and I have to get settled." "I can help." Niall said getting up. "Fine." I sighed. "You can help." 

"Thanks." Niall grinned. "I'll show you the way to your room." I follow him up the stairs. "This is it." He said pointing to a door a cross from a window. I open the door. Inside was a queen size bed next to a pull out coach. "This is great." I smiled examining the room. 

"Thanks Niall." Jackson smiled waving his small hand. "Your welcome Jackie." He smiled. I placed Jackson on the couch handing him some legos. 

"I got one question Lizzie." Niall said as soon as Jackson was occupied.

"What's that?" 

"Why didn't you tell me Liz?"

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