Summer Love

Lizzie was having the time of her life. She was spending the summer with her friend Sara. There she had a summer fling with a guy named Niall. Over that summer Niall took Lizzie's virginity. That was back in 2009, three years ago. Now Lizzie and her son Jackson where getting ready to vist her old friend Zayn. What happens when Lizzie swears Zayn's friend Niall looks familiar? Will Niall recognize her too?


14. Chapter 13

Jack's POV

In the back seat Cameron and Emily were talking excitedly about how much of a hit was and how cool our band would be, but I was too busy think to put any input in. Niall, I couldn't get him out of mind. What did he have to tell? Did he know who my father is?

"Jack." I shook my head returning to reality. Uncle Hunter was looking at me, his eyes dark with concern. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine." I muttered, turning my head to look out the window, watching the clouds fly by. Once we reached my house, Cameron and Emily started to head down the steer towards their houses.

"Meet us at the front door tomorrow." Cameron called.

"I will." I shouted back watching them until their shadows disappeared into the darkness of the night. I walked slowly up to my door trying to remember more about that old memory Zayn has stirred up.

Why did he being it up? Where did I know him from, and why was he asking about my father? How did he know my name?

"How was the concert?" My mom asked as I walked in.

"It was great." I smiled. "I didn't know the spotlight felt so great. I can't wait to do it again."

My mom shot Uncle Hunter a look. "I don't know if you can do it again Jack. Hunter is retired now and I don't know how many shows he can do."

"That's the best part." I said, my heart beating faster at the idea. "Cameron, Emily and I are going to start a band and post our videos on Youtude. We're bound to be discovered there."

My mom smiled lightly. If you looked closely you could see the dimples that were once there. All the stress of being a single mother, even with Uncle Hunter's help had been tough. She might think I couldn't tell, but I wasn't a child anymore, I could tell. I had to do this, to help her.

"That's ok with you right?" I asked, hoping she wouldn't get mad.

She let out a small sigh. "If you really want to Jack, you can."

I ran over to her giving her a tight hug. "Thank you so much mom."

I headed towards the stairs, taking them two at a time. I went straight to the last room on the left, with a green and orange J on the door, to symbolize out Irish heritage. I touched the J softly, like I did everytime I went in my room.

I pulled my shirt off letting my muscles breath, grabbing my laptop off my desk and flopping on my bed. I logged into my tinychat. Thankfully Cameron and Emily were on.

J-Hayes- Hey guys

CamDog- Hey Bro.

Emmie- Hi <3

J-Hayes- I got good news and urgent news. Which one do you want to hear first?

Emmie- Good news.

CamDog- Good.

J-Hayes- My mom said yes to the band! To putting it on YouTude an everything!

CamDog- Sweet! This is going to be awesome!

Emmie- OMG! I can't wait to start practicing!

Emmie- Now what's the urgent news?

J-Hayes- I think that the One Direction Guys know who my father is, but Uncle Hunter and my mom won't let me know.

CamDog- Dude really???

Emmie- How would they know?

J-Hayes- Yes really! And I have no idea how, but I'm going to find out if they know.

Emmie- We're helping you.

J-Hayes- No, you guys don't have to.

CamDog- Emily's right. We're your best friends, we are going to help you. We'll skip tomorrow and go find the One Direction boys.

Emmie- I'm in!

J-Hayes- Thanks guys. Meet me at the Starbucks on Third Street at 9.

Emmie- Mmmm Starbucks. I'm be there.

CamDog- See you at nine.

*CamDog is now offline*

Emmie- Night Jack.

J-Hayes- Night Emily. See you tomorrow.

*Emmie is now offline*

I lay my laptop back on my desk changing into shorts laying down on my bed. I closed my eyes willing myself to sleep. Tomorrow I will find out more. Tomorrow I will finally be one step closer to finding my father.

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