Summer Love

Lizzie was having the time of her life. She was spending the summer with her friend Sara. There she had a summer fling with a guy named Niall. Over that summer Niall took Lizzie's virginity. That was back in 2009, three years ago. Now Lizzie and her son Jackson where getting ready to vist her old friend Zayn. What happens when Lizzie swears Zayn's friend Niall looks familiar? Will Niall recognize her too?


13. Chapter 12

Jackson's POV

I reach One Direction's stage to see men cleaning it up. 

"Where did the band go?" I ask.

"We're only here to clean." One of the men said.

I let out a groan leaping off the stage taking off again. I race around a corner when someone called my name.

I turn to see Darcy standing next to an older dark haired girl. 

"Darcy." I smile walking over to her. "Where's Niall?"

"Uncle Ni is with my dad." The older girl said flipping her dark hair over her shoulder. 

"I'm take you Jack." Darcy smiled. "Ignore Kate." 

I shoot Kate a smirk following Darcy. 

"Who's her dad?" I asked Darcy. 

"Zayn and Perrie adpoted her from a friend who died." Darcy explained skipping ahead of me.

I looked back feeling Kate's ice blue eyes buring holes in my back. "How old is she?"

"She's 12 turning 13." I turned to see Zayn standing behind me.

"Uncle Zaynie." Darcy smiled giving him a hug. "Jack is looking for Niall."

"Really?"Zayn asked rasing his eyebrow. 

I nod keeping my eyes on the ground. 

"Jack." I turn to see Cameron and Emily running over.

"Cameron Em." I cry giving them both hugs. "What are you two doing here?"

"Well school ended early and we got our parents to drive us here." Emily explained.

"We saw you preform." Cameron smiled. "You were amazing."

"Thanks." I smiled. "It was amazing."

"You should put some videos up on youtube." Emily said. "We could make a group."

"That could be fun." Cameron agreed. I nodded.

"Let's meet up at my house tomorrow." I said looking around. 

I spotted Niall. I start towards him when a hand grabbed my arm.

"Don't." Uncle Hunter said. "Let's go."

He turned to Emily and Cameron. "I'll drive you two home."

They nod following Uncle Hunter to our car.

I look back helplessly at Niall as Uncle Hunter lead my away back to the car.

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