Little Jabberjay

This is for the contest of the Hunger Games! Hope you enjoy!


1. Reaping

The shine from the sun spreads on my face. I slowly open my eyes and squint. A rush of fear  and nervousness goes to my stomach and a batch of butterflies are released. Today is the Reaping of the 74th Hunger Games. This is not a fair world. Ages 12 to 18 are forced to go to Reapings, and one boy and one girl are forced to fight to their death in an arena that could have any climate, and setting, and any creature you can think of.
   I slowly slide off my bed and walk ever so slightly across the hallway to the area where my mom is making breakfast. I stand next to her and see what she is making. She was making a salad, with little bits of turkey in it. I get a small bowl and put the salad in it. I go back to my room and eat it. I ate it fast and put it on my night stand. I go into our one bathroom and I take a bath. My puffy hair was now dripping flat curly onto my back. I walk back into my room and find a small blue dress with a white blouse on my bed. I dress into it and my mother comes in with a brush and a hair tie, and my 5 little sisters run into my room and hug me tightly. I almost lose my balance but i regain it. I laugh quietly and look down to them,


"Morning." I tell them,


"Morning Rue!" My youngest sister, Abbey, says,


"Morning Rue Bear!" Emma says, the sister that is closest to my age.


    Mom motions everybody to get out of the room except me. She leaves the door open and walks behind me. She starts to brush my hair to the back and outs it's up. She gives me a little hug and takes my hand and we walk out of the house to go to the Reaping. We get to the square, and I wait in line to get my finger pricked. It was my turn and i walk forward and stick out my finger. She pricks my finger and a bubble of blood comes out and she outs it on a paper and scans it, then i leave. I walk into the area of the 12 year old and wait for our mayor and our escort to come out. They do and the mayor gives out a speech and shows us a video that President Snow made.


   The escort gracefully walks to the mic and gives a smile,


"Welcome, everybody to the Reaping of the 74th Hunger Games!" She says highly,


"Of course we are going to do the ladies first!" She says and walks over to the girls bowl. She picks one of the slits from the top and walks back to the microphone. The tension rises and everybody holds their breath,


"Our first lady is, Rue!" She shouts happily. My body froze and my heart has stopped beating. Gasps rise in the crowds and I finally got the courage to start walking to the stage. My  eyes beam with tears but I don't dare let them fall. I walk up the steps of the stage and stand at the front of it and look beyond the crowd. I find my family quietly sobbing in the back,


"Do we have any volunteers?" The escort says. There is a dead silent, the only thing i can hear are the Mockingjays singing and the buzzing of the Trackerjackers. The escort nods and walks to the boys bowl. She takes a slit that is in the middle and walks back to the mic. She opens the slit and smiles to the crowd,


"Our lovely gentleman to join Rue is, Thresh!" She says. My eyes scan the boys area and find Thresh looking angrier than ever. He starts to walk to the stage and goes up the steps. As he walks up the steps I make eye contact with Thresh and his brown eyes are not showing. It's black filled with worry and anger. The escort claps and motions us to shake hands. He softly takes my hand and shakes it. We walk into the Justice Building and go into the rooms where our family will say their last good-byes to us.


   I waited patiently for my family to come in and they finally did. All we did was cry and cry until the Peacekeepers took them out. After a while the Peacekeeper came back to the room to take me to the train. As I walk out Thresh walks out the same time and he hold out his hand. I take it, knowing Thresh will protect me all he can. Thresh is my best friend; he is the one i can trust him with anything and tell my worries and troubles to. 


   Thresh gets on the train after me and it starts moving. District 11 starts to slowly fade away and I have a feeling that this will be the last time I will see it.

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