Where were you in my life?

Allison has had a rough life so far. She has been bullied and abused at home. She finally graduated from high school with her 4 best friends. They all move to London so Allison can get rid of all the bad memories. But they all find themselves stuck in a bad crowd. But soon they find 5 cute guys that help them find the right side.They are Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry.


1. The bus ride

I woke up to my step mom and dad fighting again.When are they ever going to stop fighting? i said to myself. I wonder if i should skip school today.No last time i did that Ariel smacked my back with a pan. And anyways im graduating today!!!I kept thinking of stuff in my head until Ariel comes in. ALLISON WHY ARE U NOT READY YET!! She yells at me. I..I. just w..ok..e up. I stutter. Shut Up you whore you know i hate it when you stutter! she says well pulling my hair. Im im sorry just please stop please!! I asked crying.She throws me at the ground and slams the door.I sat there crying thinking why this is happening to me. I wipe my tears away and get ready. I get out a loose plaid navy blue and hot pink shirt out with a white tank top under it. I get out my skinny jeans and a pair of nikes. I brush my dirty blond hair and make a tiny french braid at the side. I do my makeup and and then grab my backpack.I get to the bus stop and wait.Ten minutes later and it finally comes.I get on and start to hear people calling me names like whore,ugly,and bitch. I ignore them and get in my seat.I start reading my book and trying really hard not to cry.Hey Allison. Ashley said. Hi Ashley i said annoyed.So how has the dumbass been lately.She said with a smirk. Go away Ashley. I said.By this point everybody in the bus was watching us and listing.No thanks i want stay here and chat with you i mean this is the last day im ever going to see you.I smile. Omfg I think this is the first time you got something right!I yell while clapping my hands.You hear that bitches!! This whore finally got something right!!! i said smirking at her.Her face was as red as a tomato from anger. Thats it! she punched me right in the gut then in my face. I just sat there thinking of what to do. She punched me in the nose and i started to bleed. she laughed.I covered my face so she wont hit it.I saw people video taping the fight and giggling. I started to cry. She hit me in the eye and then got off to go to school. I took out my phone and looked at myself with the reflection. I had a black swollen eye and my upper lip was swollen. I had a bloody nose and bruises all over my arms and legs.I ran out off the bus crying and ran to the nearest restroom and cried.   

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