Where were you in my life?

Allison has had a rough life so far. She has been bullied and abused at home. She finally graduated from high school with her 4 best friends. They all move to London so Allison can get rid of all the bad memories. But they all find themselves stuck in a bad crowd. But soon they find 5 cute guys that help them find the right side.They are Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry.


2. In the restroom

 I ran past my friends and and cried in a dark corner so no one can see me. Savannh,Trinity,Lesley,and Jade ran in the bathroom and saw me crying. Jade ran so she can talk to me and knocked into a girl that just got out of the bathroom. we all started laughing and then they came to talk. Why so crying Alliy? Savannh asked. Ashley thats what happened. And she did this too you!! Trinity yells out.I nod. This a new low for Ashley. Jade said.Why would she do this too you at graduation day?Lesley asked. I dont know?I manged to say. well we better go to class. Savannh said. Ok but first lets get u cleaned up.Lesley said. I nod and get up. we wiped the blood off my face fixed my makeup and went to class. We also covered up my bruises with foundation.I the greatest friends.I thought to my self.


Authors note~ So this is my first fanfic so fill free to give me your opinion. Ok thanks guys

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