More than friends...

Rydel Lynch has always had feelings for her bandmate Ellington Ratliff, but ever since he has started dating Kelly Rydel has thought about giving up. He could never feel the same way right? Or does he react like she never thought he would? Hope you all enjoy!! :)


8. Riker's wise words

Rydel's POV

We were all sitting there talking about the LOUD tour that kicks off in four days. We have already been rehearsing for it.

"I'm so excited for the tour!" Ratliff exclaimed as he looked at me and smirked.

I was so happy about Ratliff kissing me, but it doesn't change the fact he's with Kelly, and she's my friend.

"Delly we need to talk" I heard my big brother's voice. Dang it Riker totally knows something is going on.

We went into the closest room, which was Ross's.

"I know something happened between you and Ratliff, he said looking at me.

"ummm no what are you talking about?" I played dumb.

"oh ya know if the whole 'I got my kiss but not from Dylan' didn't give it away the holding hands did," he said sarcastically.

Sometimes I forget how smart my big bro is. I was silent.

"So, are you going to tell me what happened or not?"

"He kissed me that's all.." I replied.

"So is he going to break up with Kelly?"

"I don't know..."

"Ry he has to if he wants to be with you. Either way one of you girls are going to end up hurt."

He had a point... Who am I kidding, Riker is always right that's why I trust him with everything.

"Don't get me wrong I totally ship 'Rydellington," He said giggling "I just don't want my little sis to get hurt" He ended in a more serious manner.

"Thanks bro but I think I can handle this one" I looked at him.

"Okay, just wanna make sure" He smiled at me.

"So anyways... Was Ratliff an amazing kisser, how much tongue did you use, ooooo lala Rydellington baby" He said making a kissy face, totally mocking me.

I laughed at him "We are totally not discussing this"

"Oh come on Delly" He said laughing as we walked out the door.

Riker really did give me a lot to think about. Did I really want to break a couple up?

When I walked out I looked over to see Ratliff kissing Kelly.

He saw me looking at them and looked worried.

I just realized how hurt I was and that I wasn't in control like I had told Riker, I was hurt. I turned and went into my room I could hear Ratliff following me, but I closed the door and locked it before he got there. I layed down on my bed and cried.

"Rydel open up!" he said knocking.

"Go away!" I replied.

I heard Kelly's voice and footsteps as they walked away.

He has obviously made his point...


Raltiff's POV

I didn't want Rydel to see Kelly and I! I was still with Kelly I couldn't just deny her. Even thought the whole time I was thinking of Rydel.

"Ratliff come here" Riker called me over.

"Hey what's up?"

"I know you kissed Rydel"

I didn't really know what to say. Riker is over protective of Rydel so I didn't know what to say.

"Calm down haha I ship 'Rydellington' all the way" he laughed making a joke, he must've seen my worry.

He carried on, "Just please try not to hurt her" He begged.

"I won't"

"You've gotta follow your heart bro, don't go with one of them out of guilt. Pick the one you want to be with and let one down easy." he smiled and walked away.

Riker has a point. I need some time.



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