More than friends...

Rydel Lynch has always had feelings for her bandmate Ellington Ratliff, but ever since he has started dating Kelly Rydel has thought about giving up. He could never feel the same way right? Or does he react like she never thought he would? Hope you all enjoy!! :)


1. Intro

Rydel's POV

I have always wanted Ellington to be happy, but having feelings for him for this long without him noticing has really hurt me. I have always liked Ellington, I have hid it from everyone except my brother Riker. Since Ellington started dating Kelly I have been trying to move on and hide my jealousy, afterall if I really care about him I have to let him be happy, even if it's without me. I am going to try and stop being so touchy and clingy with him because I don't want Kelly to get mad or put complications in their relationship... It'll be hard but at least I have him in my life as a friend Right?


Ellington's POV

Rydel has been acting weird lately. She isn't as touchy towards me as she usually is and hasn't been since I started dating Kelly. Maybe Rydel likes me and is jealous! No she would never like me, that was the dumbest thought, but if she did would I choose her over Kelly? Anyways I really miss how we joke around, we have always been clingy friends and recently she has been denying me when I try to be touchy towards her... I'm just so confused..

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