More than friends...

Rydel Lynch has always had feelings for her bandmate Ellington Ratliff, but ever since he has started dating Kelly Rydel has thought about giving up. He could never feel the same way right? Or does he react like she never thought he would? Hope you all enjoy!! :)


4. Interuptions

Rydel's POV

"Hi, I'm Dylan" he introduced himself to Ratliff sticking his hand out for a hand shake. Ratliff just looked at his hand, looked back up shook his head and walked away. At this moment we were all confused at what was going on with him. I looked back and watched him as he walked down the hallway through the back door. Kelly got up and followed him.

"hey Dylan I'll be right back make yourself at home." I smiled

"Take your time, I'm not going anywhere." He winked. I couldn't help but blush.

"Hey Riker! Can I talk to you?"

"Yeah" He got up from chatting with his best friend Lexi.

Riker and I went into the closest room which was Ross's.

"What was that all about?" He asked referring to Ratliff.

"I don't know that's why I needed your opinion"

"Hmmm" he thought "If I didn't know any better I would say he's jealous"

The thought of Ratliff being jealous sadly felt like sweet revenge for all the jealousy I had been through from watching him with Kelly, but still I felt bad for the way he acted towards Dylan.

Speaking of Dylan, He's really cute and seems really sweet. Before I just wanted to use him to get at Ratliff but I think maybe he will be my first kiss. I am starting to like him.

Anyways Riker and I went back to the living room with everyone else. We were going to start the movie in 30 minutes. We were still waiting for Laura to show up. I think that Ross should finally make his move on her, they would be the best couple.

While we waited I was visiting with Dylan. I learned that he is a hockey player, he's from Canada and he loves romance movies. I was really starting to connect with him and like him, but I still looked around to see what Ratliff was doing. I hadn't seen him since he went outside with Kelly. I was looking down the hallway when I saw him hugging her and kissing her forehead. It broke my heart. I shook it off and kept talking to Dylan. Finally Laura arrived and I saw the relief on my baby brothers face when she showed up.

"Okay guys let's get this movie started!" rocky yelled as he got in his seat next to his date.

I was sitting in the middle of the couch with Dylan when Ratliff sat next to me with Kelly next to him. Well this was going to be awkward. Being inbetween the boy I am crazy about and the boy I want to be crazy about, was going to be interesting. Especially because we were watching "Paranormal Activity 4". With there being a lot of us we were literally squished together. Ratliff's arm was around Kelly and Dylan's was around me. I didn't even pat attention to what Ratliff was doing, I was to busy laughing at Dylan's jokes he was whispering in my ear.

It was about in the middle of the movie when I felt Dylan's eyes on me. I looked over at him. I can't believe it was finally going to happen! I was going to get my first kiss! We both leaned in and right when our lips were about to touch..


Ratliff elbowed me.

"Oh I'm sorry, um hey can I talk to you?" Ratliff whispered in my ear "In private?"


We both stood up and walked down the hallway.

"Where are you going?" Kelly questioned

"uhm we'll be right back"

We walked into my room and Ratliff closed the door behind us.

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