More than friends...

Rydel Lynch has always had feelings for her bandmate Ellington Ratliff, but ever since he has started dating Kelly Rydel has thought about giving up. He could never feel the same way right? Or does he react like she never thought he would? Hope you all enjoy!! :)


7. I can't believe this .Part 2.

Ratliff's POV

Her lips were soft and gentle. Kissing her was.... It wasn't like kissing anyone else. It felt different. Kissing Rydel than anyone else. She made me feel better than Kelly ever has.

Oh no Kelly! I can't believe I just cheated on her!

I'm going to have to break up with her.. but not yet. I'll wait and see how the next week goes and if my feelings for Rydel keep happening. I really like her. I can't believe I didn't realize this before. I wonder what she's thinking.

Maybe I should go in there and kiss her again.


I looked over and saw Kelly walking towards me. I didn't realize I was sitting on the ground in the hallway. I stood up.

"Hey Kelly! Let's go finish that movie" I turned her around and walked back into the living room still thinking about Rydel.

The movie was at the very end when Rydel walked in the room. She sat down inbetween Dylan and I.

"Where were you?" Dylan asked

"Oh sorry I had to,, uh take a call"

Haha take a call? She was totally thinking about our kiss. I noticed she kept looking over at me, she looked confused like I was regretful of the kiss.

To make sure she knew I wasn't I moved my hand over to hers and interlocked our fingers. She looked at me as I did this and I smiled. Her grip on my hand tightened. No one noticed we were holding hands. The movie ended and we slowly moved our hands.

I didn't know what to think about all this. Were we kinda together now? How does she feel?

Rocky turned the lights on and everyone started talking.

"Dylan and I have to get going" Lexi said. She leaned in and gave Riker a hug.

"Rydel can I talk to you?" Dylan asked.

He better not kiss her! they walked outside. I couldn't concentrate on anything. about 7 minutes later Rydel came back in.

Lexi and Dylan had left, so had everyone else except the lynch's, Kelly and I.

"Soooo Rydel did you get your 'perfect' first kiss???" Riker asked making a kissy face.

I looked at her.

"Yeah, but not from Dylan" She said smiling towards me.

I smiled back. We both noticed and looked away fast. I was lucky Kelly wasn't paying attention.

I looked at Riker and he looked suspicious. I'm sure he'll get over it.

I was just so happy about what happened between Rydel and I. 

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