The Only One That Knows

Okay, first off this is my first one for right now. Some of it is true some not so much. Alex has just turned 18 and graduated high school. She hates her life so much that her and her two best friends leave and are never coming back. What will happen before and after they get there? Why did she hate her life so much? *** only I know for now***


4. Why in London?

^^^^^^Alex's P.O.V^^^^^^ When we finally landed I grabbed my phone and stuff I had with me in the seat and ran out of the airport. I ran down the road a couple blocks and turned into an alley that no one was in. As lightly as I could I put my head against the wall, my head was killing me from what happened. My phone went off so I answered it," What happened? Where are you?" Sarah basically yelled at me though the phone. "I'll tell you guys later. Just grab my stuff and I will meet you outside the front door of the airport. Hurry before they come and try to find me please." "Okay see you in a second." And the conversation was over.


When I started walking back to the airport I got a text. "I'm so sorry for letting them do that. Why do you hate us?:( Niall." Why is he texting me I thought I told them to leave me alone. I messaged him back," oh it's fine I'm fine it is in the past now there is nothing we can do about it. Why shouldn't I hate you people?" I looked up so I could see where I was walking and left the conversation at that. I really hate boy bands and other people like them. I always have they are idiots that want girls to like them but they know they can only have one person in the whole entire world that is going to be "the one". They get everything they want unlike normal people that would be like the fans of theirs. Life is life if I want you in mine I will let you in but if I don't want you then leave me the hell alone.

After thinking about all of that I arrived at the airport to see Caitlyn and Sarah waiting for me. I ran up to them telling them to hurry and come on when I turned around I ran into someone. As I looked up I saw black hair and brown eyes. "Crap" I mumbled under my breath. "Are you trying to stoke me or something? Cause it is getting really annoying." I said when Zayn turned around and realized it was me. "Uh oh no. Your the one that ran into me." He said just standing there. I turned to tell Sarah and Caitlyn to come on but they just stood there looking at me with those eyes saying,"apologize now that's not right." I looked around and saw that Niall was the closest to me besides Zayn so I texted him,"follow me all of you. Now." He looked at me and then at the guys and told them to follow me. I got a head start so it didn't seem as creepy as it was.

I walked to the alley I was at the first time I left the airport. When they got there they just stared at me confused. "Ask me what you really want to ask my but make it fast." I stated. "Oh um right. Why do you hate us?" Asked Niall. "Because your snobby little brats that think they can get everything they want but this is reality you can't get everything you want ever. And you took my phone to get my number. That's not how you start off with a girl." I said getting mad so I turned around to the wall and put my head against it. Before they could say something else I said," I have to go I'm sorry for what happened on the plane it's not my fault for your actions and sorry I ran into you Zayn." As I started to walk away I heard Harry say,"wait, how you you know us?" "Just cause I don't like you people doesn't mean I don't know you and those girls I was with like you so I kinda know more about you guys then I really want to know." I said looking at Liam in disgust at his private general area and they knew how long it was. That kinda gets creepy after a while. I walked back to the airport again and found Caitlyn and Sarah still waiting for me.

"You guys ready to go finally? Wait, what time is it?" Asked Sarah.i looked at my phone and was surprised to see it was 11:00p.m. "11:00" I answered her. "Let's go to the hotel and get showers and go to bed." I suggested after that. They both agreed tiredly. We got into the cab that took us to the hotel. When we got there and finished getting everything figured out we went to the elevator and pushed the button for floor 9. We were in room 583. When we got there I put the key card in the slot, pulled it out, and watched the light turn green. As soon as I opened the door I ran in to find my bedroom so I could get a good one.

When I found the one I wanted it had a king size bed and a walk in closet so I was fine. I went to get my stuff to put it in the room while Caitlyn was in the shower and Sarah was trying to find out where everything was. When I got back to my room and started unpacking my suitcases I found my night clothes I was going to wear after I got in the shower. It was a playboy bunny tank top and the matching pair of shorts (I sleep in a shirt and shorts not naked) . I had already fixed the bed how I sleep on one since we were going to live here for a while. All of my clothes were hung up so I walked out of my room and into the bathroom cause Caitlyn had gotten out finally. I took off my clothes and stepped into a hot shower. As I was in the shower I thought about everything that had happened today and remembered that I had left my phone in the living room. I usually keep it with me no matter what cause I was a habit with living with my parents or they were going to go through my messages.

Once I got out of the shower I rapped a towel around me walked through the living room grabbed my phone and walked to my room. I looked at my phone while walking to my room and noticed I had a message. It read,"hey. Why do you act like you do?,from Harry" Why was he texting me I thought I told them to leave me alone. I texted him back when I got to my room. "Cause it's my business not your. You don't know me you will never know me. You don't even know my name." After a minute of laying on the bed I got another message from him,"okay, you do have a point there. What's your name?" I messaged him back,

" dude quit it.Now. I HATE ONE DIRECTION! I HATE YOU! Just leave me alone. Get that through your stupid hard ass head." I yelled that as I messaged him back. Caitlyn and Sarah came to my door and knocked. "Hold on a second" I said as I got up and put my clothes on. "Okay come in." I said once I was finished and sitting on the bed. They walked in,"we need to talk about what happened today on the plane." Said Sarah. "Yeah, you promised" said Caitlyn backing up what Sarah was making a point to.

"Okay they stole my phone so they could get my number and now they won't quit bothering me." I told them trying to make it seem that simple but nothing is ever that simple. "Fine then let me see your phone." Caitlyn said. "Okay." I said giving her my phone. She did something with it then looked at Sarah then at me. Her and Sarah had a conversation for a minute then turned back to me. They both grew a smile on there face and jumped on the bed almost landing on me. They were yelling,"why didn't you tell us??? We like them more then you, you little bitch trying to keep them for yourself huh! At least give us their numbers."

We were laughing so hard it hurt. I let them have their numbers or actually they just took them since they still had my phone. "Okay okay shush now give me my phone back before they message me again." I said trying to calm our selfs. Caitlyn chucked my phone at me almost hitting me in the face before I caught it. Right exactly when I caught it the phone light up saying I had a message. "Meet us at St. James park tomorrow 8:00:Louis"

it was a group text so all of the guys could see what I put probably. "Okay, fine but I'm bringing my friends." I sent them back. Right when I sent that my phone blew up with texts from them. I laid it down on the bed to see if it would cool off but it didn't so I finally sent back,"okay just leave me alone till tomorrow you can ask us questions there." "Okay" was all I got back from them. "Girls don't text them right now go pick out some clothes for tomorrow no make up right now just clothes and then go to bed." I told them. They looked at me confused,"why?" They asked. "It's a surprise now give me your phones and skoosh so I can have my peace." They did as I told them to leaving there phones with me. I ran into my closet taking their phones from their hands. I just wanted it to be over. I looked through my clothes and found my black robot shirt that had a pink and white robot on it and a darker toned pair of skinny jeans like the ones I had on today.

I set them out and past out on my bed. About 6 hours later I woke up to my phone vibrating when I looked at it I had a message from Harry and Louis telling me to wake up and get ready. I don't know why they want to meet me like this it's horrible. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and slowly walked to the bathroom to wash my face. God did I look bad. I had taken my make up off before I got a shower but it looked like I had been crying. Once I washed my face and put my hair up in a messy bun I went to go wake Caitlyn and Sarah up. I came prepared so I got some ice out of the freezer and walked into their bedroom. I tried to wake them up without being to rough with them but they would not get up so here comes the ice. I put it in both of their shirts and shorts.

Wow did that wake them up. They were up in two seconds rubbing their eyes and asking why I did that. "I needed to wake you guys up and you wouldn't wake up the easy way so ice came into play." I told them. "Why did you needed to get us up?" They asked. "Cause I am taking you people somewhere and we have to be there by 8:00 and we all know how long to takes you guys to get ready." They agreed with me and went to wash their faces so they could wake up more. When they came out I was straightening my hair to get the bumps out of it. I had put on my robot shirt and skinny jeans with a pink and black beanie and my black combat boots. My hair was straight with a beanie in it. I had mascara and eyeliner on and that was it. Caitlyn was a dress kind of person today. She wore a floral dress a few inches above the knees with yellow toms and a hair band that had a flower on it. She let her hair down so her curls could form naturally. She did light make up: mascara, eye liner, and a very very light color eye shadow. She was pretty even though she looked good in everything I mean seriously there is nothing she couldn't pull off.

Sarah wore a blue and gray plain blouse with a belt in the middle of the stomach and a black pair of tights with blue flats. Her hair was put in a very perfected fish tail to the side. All she did was put some mascara on and she was finished. We got to the living room to see what kind of bracelets and stuff we all had. I picked a robot necklace and a survivor bracelet. Caitlyn picked some small earrings, a necklace that had a key on it, and a few bangle bracelets.

Sarah picked a leather branchlet and a chain one too. We checked the time it was 7:30 god time flies anyways we started out the door and down to the lobby before they asked," so where are we going?" "A park." I simply said remembering to give them their phones back. Thank goodness they didn't text them before I made them give me their phones. I got my phone out to get directions to St. James park it actually wasn't that far away maybe two blocks at the most so on the way we stopped at a Starbucks and got some coffee.

We payed for the coffee and walked leisurely to the park so we could waste sometime before we had to get there. When we got to the entrance to the park I took out my phone and texted Louis,"where are you guys at?" "In the middle of the park just keep walking straight if you are at the entrance you will find us soon enough." Was all he messaged back. God they are so confusing.

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