The Only One That Knows

Okay, first off this is my first one for right now. Some of it is true some not so much. Alex has just turned 18 and graduated high school. She hates her life so much that her and her two best friends leave and are never coming back. What will happen before and after they get there? Why did she hate her life so much? *** only I know for now***


2. Why I am like this.....

Alex's P.O.V When I was born we didn't have a lot of money and we had a lot of problems. So we don't have a lot of pictures of me when I was little. When I turned two, my mum and father got a divorce. I when with my mum just like my older brother did. To my surprise in my whole life I have almost died 5 times. I can remember everything that happened before and after each one. You might be wondering where my father is oh he stayed near us like an hour or hour and a half away. I hated it. My father would alway yell at me and I was scared of the houses the lived in. Yes I just said they meaning my father, step-mum, and younger sister and brother. I always hated going over there it had nothing to do and I was always getting yelled at. I hated my step-mum to I never liked her. I was scared of the dark when I was 3 to 5 years old.

So I always went to bed before everyone at their house. So I always went to sleep with the light on but I would always wake up in the middle of the night and sit up and cry cause I could not go back to sleep. It always felt like the places they lived were hunted it just had that feeling. You know? But then they moved to Virginia and we had no contact to them for 7 to 8 years.

I tried to forget him but when I was 12 he came bake to where we lived. My mum had moved on and found another man so they got married. My stepfather yells at me too so I was afraid when my father came back cause I had two people yelling at me. After a few months my father went to jail for abuse.

So when that happened I started talking to Caitlyn and Sarah about a trip to Ireland and London but never going back. I hate my family so much I never want to come back. I mean I could cut I have before I just got tired of hiding it so I stopped. But I couldn't tell Caitlyn and Sarah all of this.

They are my only friends No one wants to go out with a freak. No one ever wanted to go out with me. I couldn't tell them that I loved to sing and that I taught myself how to play the guitar and piano. I wasn't suppose to be like that. I always hated saying I love you to anyone. Why? You may ask me. I don't know why I just never have.

Authors notes: I just got so mad I had to write this chapter twice. It was horrible. I do hate saying I love you though. I don't know why. But anyways I hope you people like it so far I was going to do Sarah's and Caitlyn's pasts but I thought it would be too long if you want me too write theirs just comment and say you do. But anyways thanks for reading ~ Alex

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