The Only One That Knows

Okay, first off this is my first one for right now. Some of it is true some not so much. Alex has just turned 18 and graduated high school. She hates her life so much that her and her two best friends leave and are never coming back. What will happen before and after they get there? Why did she hate her life so much? *** only I know for now***


3. The real beginning

****** Alex's point of view******

 Today is the day that everything starts over. School ended and I'm 18. I am leaving this hell hole. I look at my phone to text Caitlyn to see if her and Sarah would be ready in an hour. I get a text back from her " hell yeah be there to pick you up in an hour."

I had everything I really needed already pack and ready to go. So I hopped in the shower to cool off. After about five minutes of just standing there soaking up the water as it fell on my skin I got out of the shower. I rapped a towel around me and walking to my bedroom where I had my blow dryer and straightener ready. I finished my hair in just a few minutes.

I had gotten so use to doing it fast since school started and I had only about 20 minutes to get ready. I put on some simple make up. A little bit of eye liner and mascara and I was done. I picked out a black tank top to go under my pink shirt that had a silver heart on it. Some of you have probably seen one of those shirts before. I got my darker toned blue skinny jeans and I only had five minutes till they would be here.

So I hurried to put the outfit on and grabbed my black beanie. I loved my beanies as much as I love my frappes. I slipped on some toms when I got outside so I didn't make much noise in the house. I didn't tell them I was leaving or they would get pissed a I didn't want to deal with that shit. When I got the text that they were here I ran outside to the car with everything I had packed in my hands and my beanie on my head. I told her to drive before they see me so she backed up and went down the road. "Why did you not tell them you were leaving?" Sarah asked. "Cause you know how they get when I leave even to go to school they do that." I stayed to her. "True, but you could have left a note."she stated." Saying what, I hate you guys. I'm leaving you forever. Try to find me in Europe?" I asked. "No that's mean" she said. She was always doing this asking a lot of questions.

"Whatever I'm here aren't I? I told you I was going to leave and I am going no matter what." I said kinda annoyed. It wasn't her fault. I just wanted to leave before they run to the car and try to find me. I don't think they know I left yet so that's a good thing. Then Caitlyn spoke,"hey how long is it to the airport?" I jumped slightly cause I forgot she want there. "Not that far from here about 5 to 7 minutes at the most maybe" Sarah said cause I forgot where we were at that moment. "Okay I see it now. Alex you sure you want us to do this?" "More than anything in the entire world. I have to get away and I need my friends with me or I will be lonely hahaha." I said laughing a little, but then I got a text. I looked down and it was my mum "where the hell are you!! You know you are grounded and you can't leave the house without our permission." Yeah I know what you are thinking you get grounded when your 18 wow and you have to have permission to go out.

Yes but not just one of their permissions I have to get both of their permissions. It is so stupid. They don't trust me at all and I don't do anything bad or do I? I can't remember. I looked up from my phone and say," it's mum. She knows I left. What do I do?" We all got serious. It was kinda creepy since Sarah and Caitlyn barely get serious. "Text her and tell her that your leaving and not coming back." Caitlyn said. "If I do that they can track me though." I told her. I knew a lot about technology. I had to or they would find out I was doing something like talking to friends. They are really strict but they let me have a phone. Are they that stupid? Apparently, but I still had nothing to do to deal with the text. "Here use my phone and act like it is me and tell her hey I'm Sarah, Alex is leaving and never coming back. She won't know that we are together." Sarah said handing me her phone so I could use it.

I texted my mum and said, "hey, Alex told me to tell you that she is leaving and never going back." A few minutes later she got a text back," where is she going? Tell me or your going to get hurt." Yep that's my stepfather. How sweet is he? You heard the sarcasm there huh? I sent back, "how the hell should I know your her parents!!" After I sent that I said, "goodbye don't fuck with her life anymore!?!" And sent that too. So I turned off her phone all the way so they could not track it. They can only track it after 6 hours after the text was sent or they can't track it anymore and have a dead trail. " we are here!" Caitlyn yelled as she parked the car and jumped out. She had called her mum to come and get it so it wasn't going to sit there forever. We hurried to get to our luggage and ran to where you get your tickets.

Once we got them and finished everything else we needed to do to we sat down panicking and looking to see if they found us yet. After about 10 minutes our plane was ready to take off we got on it and sat down. We all started to relax cause we knew they couldn't get us now. Over the intercom, we heard the flight attendant say," welcome, buckle your seat belts we are about to take off. I hope you enjoy your flight." We got good seats on the plane there was only like one little kid there and it was no where near us so we were really happy I of course had no one beside me.

Apparently there was not a lot of people on the plane when I looked around I saw maybe 20 people on the plane that could hold 30 so I was really surprised. We had to stop in two places before we got off cause we were going to London. For now the only places we had to stop was in New York and some place in Ireland but we were not going to Ireland yet cause I needed to get to London cause I needed to go to this park I know it is crazy. But my great great grandmother told me about it right before she died so after that happened I had to go to it. Once we got in the air and flying smoothly I took off my seat belt, turned to where my feet were in the seat beside me,and took out my iPod nano. I know stupid right but that's all my parents gave me. The way I was sitting I could see Caitlyn and Sarah.

 Caitlyn looked really scared she has never been on a plane before I haven't either but I wasn't really paying attention to what was going on. Sarah had her hand around Caitlyn trying to comfort her. After about 30 minutes of rubbing her arm Caitlyn had her head on Sarah's shoulder sleeping on it and it looked like Sarah was tired too I don't know why cause it was like 12:00 p.m. I was listening to remember everything by five finger death punch when we had to put our seat belts on again. When we landed about 6 people got off and 4 people got on. They were all girls and you could tell they were together as in friends. They were around mine, Caitlyn's,and Sarah's age.

They just talked and talked it was so annoying until I heard something I wasn't suppose to hear." Look at that girl. How much you bet she lost her v-card when she was 16 or 14? She looks like a bitch and she is just staring at us. She is suck a fuckin bitch stoker." Said the one that had black hair in a very expensive hairstyle and so much make up on it looked like a baby took different permanent markers and marked all over her face. I sat there and laughed so loud they turned around to look at me like I was an idiot.

They were a few seats away so I scooted to the inside one and was like," hey bitch, I bet I got more action when I was 14 or 16 then you get now. Leave me out of your damn conversations or I will make you stick your own nose in your ass you hear me?" All I got back was a "yes ma'am"from all of them. I was back in my normal position that I was in earlier before we landed in about 2 minutes listening to music. I looked at Sarah and Caitlyn and it looked like they were about to wake up. I waited a minute more and Caitlyn's eye fluttered open so I pulled my headphone around my neck and said," good afternoon sunshine did you sleep well?" She must have forgot she was on the airplane cause she wasn't tense or anything until the flight attendant came on the intercom and announced that we were landing again. Caitlyn quickly lifted her head and put her seat belt on.

When she moved her head Sarah's head fell and she hit the arm of the chair cause her head was on Caitlyn's . Sarah woke up super fast when that happened so we had to tell her that she was fine and she needed to put her seat belt on. We landed in a place in Ireland who know where though. Only one person got off though it was strange. I was totally pissed when I saw who got on the plane. Guess who?... If you guessed One Direction you are correct sadly. I still had a seat open beside me so I just hope non of them want to sit there. When I looked at those four girls they were literally drooling. I saw one of them realize that they were and wiped it from her mouth and told the others to do the same. They got all flirty trying to get one of the guys to sit next to them. I was trying to keep from laughing but it just came out and everybody started to look at me and that made me laugh hard cause the girl were trying even harder to get the guys attention. I laughed so hard that I closed my eye cause they were starting to tear up, but when I opened them I saw all of the guys in front of me just looking at me confused.


I started to get creeped out cause they had been just standing there for a long time. So I looked at Caitlyn and Sarah with worry and confusion in my eyes. I felt me phone vibrate I looked at it and it was both of them saying stuff like,"OH MY GOD" "let them sit by you" and favorite one "how the hell did you do that you have to teach me that so I can get some guys." I replied to that one with,"I don't know what I just did. I didn't do anything except laugh at those stupid idiot girls over there. What do I do???!!!?!?? You both know I don't like them, but I don't what to hurt there feelings." Sarah sent back," ask them if they want to sit down or ask if they and going to stand there all day? Cause you need to get somewhere." So I look up at all of them and say,"are y'all just going to stand there all day? I need to get somewhere and y'all are holding up the plane."

They remembered they were just standing there after I said that and shook their heads to get out of their daydreams I guess. Everyone that were in the seats in front of me and the ones against the other window had been open since the stop in New York. But for some reason they wanted to sit in the one right next to me. All I heard was,"sorry, love. Can I sit here?" I don't know which one said it cause I wasn't paying attention right then and there. "I don't care were you sit just do it already, please?" I said when I realized that person was talking to me. So one of the guys that was standing behind the other four pushed them away from the seat next to me and hurry up and sat it in.

I thought I was going to die cause it looked like they were going to fight over the sit until the flight attendant finally said,"please have a seat and put your seat belts on, thank you." I think she just saved my life when she said that. They all had a seat and did what they were told. With the Liam and Zayn together in front to me, Harry and Louis against the other window and Irish boy Niall beside me. I knew that Niall wasn't the one that asked to sit by me cause the one that asked had a British accent. Yes I do know there names I mean seriously I have heard my friends talk about them so much that I can tell them apart from each other. When we took off and was flying smoothly like before I turned and sat with my legs across Niall. He just looked at me confused. "Hold on I have to adjust since you are next to me now. Hey it is your fault you sat beside me." Is what I told him to the expression on his face.he just looked down at the floor and blushed saying,"no no it's fine do that you need to." I looked at Caitlyn and Sarah who was looking or trying to figure out what I was doing. They started texting me again saying," what are you doing to him?" I texted back,"I am adjusting myself I liked it better when no one is beside me it feels weird to have someone else's legs under mine." I got another text saying,"well then get then off of him just cause you don't like them doesn't mean we don't. They famous. You can't use them as a foot prop." I texted back,"I'm not getting off I was here first I don't care if he is famous he said it was fine."


Then I heard Niall's phone go off and I looked at him confused cause he just lifted my legs up like they were nothing and reached into his pocket to get his phone. When he got it he gently sat my legs back down on his legs and looked at me. It was awkward for a second so I quickly looked away. I did hate them so much. Then I realized I got another text from them and it said,"dude it is so obvious that they like you or they look like they do they were fighting to sit with you. You have something special. You just can't lead them on it is not the right thing to do." I texted back," I'm not doing anything I'm just sitting here listening to music like I have been this whole entire plane ride." All of a sudden there was a tap on my leg so I looked up from my phone. It was Niall and I could see the rest of the guys were watching they must have been the ones that texted him. He wanted to do something but what was it.

His eyes were so blue they were saying sorry I'm so sorry but I didn't know what for till Zayn took my phone and started to do something with it and passed it to the other guys. So I couldn't get it back Niall held me legs down and when the guys were finished with it they handed Niall my phone and he let go of my legs. What the hell did they just do to my phone. I looked at it and looked at him confused as hell. What did those punks just do to my phone then I feel it vibrate and it was Caitlyn and Sarah. So I looked at the text and it said,"what the hell was that" I answered back," I don't know I can't find anything wrong with it." Then Niall looked at me so disappointed in himself.

I pushed myself off the wall of the plane so I could get closer to his ear he slightly got closer so I asked,"what did you do?" Real calmly and in a whisper so no one else could hear it. He looked at me and then looked at the guys and nodded his head. He looked at me again and said," they took you number." "WHAT!?!?! How could you? I don't even like One Direction! How dare you take my phone and do that? No I don't want to even hear it. I am to mad no I'm too pissed to listen you want you have to say. Don't talk to me. That goes for y'all to." I basically yelled that at him and the other guys. I am so pissed go thing the flight attendant told us for the last time to put on our seat belts cause we were landing in London. I can't believe they did that. And that was the beginning of me new better life or was it? Is it? Or is it going to be the exact same as before?

******Authors note: sorry if this is too long it is actually chapters 3,4,5 and maybe 6. Once I started writing I couldn't stop. ~ Alex

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