The Only One That Knows

Okay, first off this is my first one for right now. Some of it is true some not so much. Alex has just turned 18 and graduated high school. She hates her life so much that her and her two best friends leave and are never coming back. What will happen before and after they get there? Why did she hate her life so much? *** only I know for now***


1. Introductions and wishes

Alex's P.O.V

To me my life is all hate,but everyone else thinks that it is amazing. But before we get to that let me introduce me and my friends. My name is Alex (well actually Alexandra but I can stand being called that). I get really into what I am talking about or doing. I could care less about boy bands or people like that. Some people maybe like how could you write this story then since it is a fanfic. To tell you the truth I'm getting there don't rush me, okay? Anyways my friends are Caitlyn and Sarah they kinda have a hoemance you know it's like a bromance but with girls. Anyways Caitlyn is wait hold on they want to talk about themselves.

Caitlyn's P.O.V

Hey people's sorry I don't like other people talking about me I can do that on my own. Ha haha  Well anyways as you can tell I am so random and just here to have fun. I have one wish this may sound weird to some people but I want to have sex under the Eiffel Tower. True story too. I love boy bands including One Direction. God they are so sexy I could just die but I won't. Yeah me and Sarah have a hoemance it's an inside joke from 5 to 6 years. But anyways you will get to know me better once we get this over with.

Sarah's P.O.V

 Hello!!! Vas Happenin!?! Sorry I was just watching the video diaries god I love them soooo much. But anyways I am the so called funny one I guess. Oh and I love Caitlyn in a friend type of way. I an I'm love with One Direction screw the other bands just One Direction. I would do anything to see them or anything. If Alex didn't tell you she is the vain one in the group of us and the cover of the book it's her. We tell her everything but she has never actually let us in her life,but we try not to bother her about it cause if she wants to tell us she will. Anyways my wish is to forever be friends with them and to meet One Direction. You will learn more about us later just not right now. Alex's P.O.V Oh My God, that was so embarrassing I don't know why Sarah said that it is my business not hers. Especially what has happened in the past I am trying to forget but I never can. Too much bad stuff. But my wish would have been to leave the life I have a start another life free from every thing. And that is about to happen or I hope it is about to anyways.


Author's notes: I hope you people like it I am going to continue to write this no matter what. Comment what you like and what you might want to happen. This is my first one of these but I think I have read enough of these now that I think I can make a really good one if you guys help me out and support me. As you can probably tell me and my friends and one direction are the main characters and most of this is true but some of it not so much so thanks love you guys if you read this<3. ~Alex

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