The Love Stunt

What should i do????? I cant be...i i i I shouldnt wait could i could i really like him but it would make me a horrible sister Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! Im so sick of this ok i admit defeat i like Louis William Tomlinson


1. Big News

"Please!!!! let me go its one direction for damn sakes sis please!!!!!" My sister Charie pleaded "No! But even if i let you go mom wont remember the rule" i said trying to stop her but it didnt even lasted for a second "Im already prepared for my excuse ill just tell mom you wanted me to go with you to the studio" "What!!!!!! your using me as an excuse,what the plum is wrong with u Charie!!!" "Im sorry i dont know any other excuse, im sorry" "Its okay ill agree only if you promise me youll behave in front of them, ok?" "Shuush yeah!! Ill be in my best behaviour"she smiled and left in flash to find the perfect outfit well as for me im stuck with work. Well if you guys dont know im Celina Oballo im a producer in a studio here in the philippines and im stuck here with piles and piles of documents though im 18 im working as a producer because of my aunt and my sister Charie is one of our talents she has a angelic voice though we sound almost alike i decided that she should be the one to apply and ill just work in the studio. "Ahhhh!!!!!! Urghhh!!!! Im gonna pass out this is to much" I screamed while staring at the big piles of paper i felt peaceful and took a little nap, as i woke up i look at the clock 10 hours till the concert " Well i guess i could kill time by shopping for what to wear tonight" as i go to the garage i see that once again Charie stole my green chevy well i guess i could use her red ford.
----- 30 minutes later -----
I just arrived at the mall after 1 hour im done shopping and in the mood to go to the arcade well i dont wanna brag but im good at DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) i love it but when i came in people were panicking over but mostly it was girls i pushed them to insert my coin but they kept screaming and shouting for that guy for a glimpse our eyes meet and i saw his blue-green eyes that twinkled i fell and hit his leg he helped me up and started staring at me he looked yet familliar, after waiting for my turn he inserted 2 tokens and ask me to dance with him, heck he's good as good as me but he was distracted i could feel him tense up in middle of the songs after that girls asked him his name but never answered all he did was walked towards me and he points me out to his friends after a while a guy approched me had green eyes and curly brown locks " Hello love" he said

Authors Notes
sorry if it sucked im new at this and hope you like it
Lots of Love
Celina Oballo
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