The Half-Truth (One Direction)

Claire's mother Elizabeth Mccray, famous author, takes herself and her daughter from New Jershey to London, England. Of course Claire, 17, is not happy about moving halfway through her senior year at highschool. Once settled into her new home, she meets some of the best friends she'll ever have; Morgan, Jessica, Ethan, and of course, the boys. Claire realizes that maybe this is the chance she's been waiting for; a fresh start. Soon enough, she finds herself falling for a boy she never thought she would love. Claire's new friends want to trust her, but they know she's not telling them someting important about herself.


5. What's with Her?


Claire's POV

As I walked into school the next day, Jessica crashed into me.  She was out of breath and in a bad mood.  "God!  Watch where you're going!", she said.  She gave me a look that could have made anyone nervous.  I met her with an even gaze and didn't say a word until she moved past me.

I rolled my eyes an headed towards my locker.  Morgan was waiting for me there with her face staring at her phone.  I walked up to her and expected her to greet me.  She kept hr eyes glued to her phone.

"So, what's new Morgan?" I asked.  She looked up at me, as if seeing me for the first time that day.  "Hey," she said "Not much right now."  She bent her head towards her phone again before looking up.  I raised an eyebrow, "Expecting a call from someone?"  She looked at me strangely for a second, almost as if she wasn't sure if she should tell.  "Actually I am." she said slowly.  "I know I've only known you for like a day now, but can I tell you something important?  Well it's important to me at least."  I nodded to her before saying, "Yeah, of course.  You can tell me anything."  She hesitantly replied, "I don't know if you can tell, but I like Zayn.  He said that the would text me in the morning and I just don't want to miss it."  I smiled at her, "I know you like him!  The way you two look at each other, anyone can tell you both have it bad."  Morgan blushed a deep shade of red which looked pretty against her dark skin.  "Really?  It's that obvious?  Wait, you think he likes me too?  Please.  Don't tease me."

"Of course he likes you!  I can guarantee it."

"But I though that maybe he liked you or Jess...."

"Me?  God, no.  He only just met me and he couldn't like Jess!  He doesn't look at either of us the way he looks at you."

"That's true I guess.  I mean about liking Jess.  Zayn and Ethan have been best friends since, like, birth.  He treats Jess like a sister."

"Exactly!  See?  I told you.  You have nothing to fear Morgan.  Speaking of Jess, do you mind explaining to me why she seems to hate me?"

Morgan hesitated for a second before saying, "I'll tell you, but can't tell her I told you this.  She would kill me.

"I promise Morgan."

"Okay.  Well, she's liked Harry for the longest time now.  Probably since primary school."

"Oh wow."

"Yeah, I know.  I don't really know if you're as oblivious to this as I was to Zayn, but Harry really seems to like you."


"Yeah.  Jess doesn't like this mysterious, new girl taking what could be hers."

"She thinks i'm mysterious?"

"That's not the point.  What's i'm saying is that Jess doesn't like you because you are a threat to her becoming Harry's girlfriend."

I though about this for a second before replying, "Well, if she hated me then, she's going to want to kill me now."

"Why?" Morgan asked.

"Well last night Harry asked me out on a date."

"Oh my God!  Jess has been trying to get a date for years!  You better run when she finds out.  You did what she was trying to do for years, in one day!"

"Yeah, but the problem is that I have nothing to wear.  Do you want to go to the mall with me after school today?"

Morgan beamed at me, excitedly  "Okay I will.  Only because I love shopping.  But don't let Jess know that I helped her arch enemy pick out an outfit for a date that's with the love of her life."

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