The Half-Truth (One Direction)

Claire's mother Elizabeth Mccray, famous author, takes herself and her daughter from New Jershey to London, England. Of course Claire, 17, is not happy about moving halfway through her senior year at highschool. Once settled into her new home, she meets some of the best friends she'll ever have; Morgan, Jessica, Ethan, and of course, the boys. Claire realizes that maybe this is the chance she's been waiting for; a fresh start. Soon enough, she finds herself falling for a boy she never thought she would love. Claire's new friends want to trust her, but they know she's not telling them someting important about herself.


3. The Six Faces

Soon enough, lunch came. I walked into the cafeteria. It was a standard issue lunch room, complete with cliques. There were cheerleaders, jocks, artists, mathletes, just to name a few. I spotted Morgan and a really pretty blond girl sitting at a table by a window. I looked around for Zayn and his friends, but they were nowhere in sight. I decided to sit with Morgan and her friend. I walked over to her table and waved hello. She looked at me expectantly, "Where's Zayn? I thought we were sitting together?"
"Sorry," I apologized, "I can't find him anywhere. Do mind if I just crash here by myself?" Morgan looked dissapointed, but she nodded for me to sit. The pretty blond looked at me. I couldn't tell if she liked me or not. She was staring at me for so long, I started to feel uncomfortable. She finally spoke after a few minutes," Hi, I'm Jessica. What's with your hair and accent. They're......strange". Before I could be offended, Morgan's eyes widened with excitement and surprise. I looked over my shoulder to see the six most attractive boys I've ever seen. Which actually isn't saying much considering all the boys I've grown up with looked half ape. Zayn looked down at me and smiled. Then he looked at Morgan and gave her a different kind of smile. Oh. My. God. It was so obvious! Zayn liked Morgan! I looked over at Morgan's expression to find her making eyes at him. I suppressed a grin. It's so cute! "Hey Claire, Jess. Morgan.", he finally said. The five other boys who stood behind Zayn were all smiling at me. "Hey guys," I started," I'm Claire." One of the blond boys who stood in the small group smiled at me. Wow he had nice teeth. " Hey Claire. I'm Niall!" Niall had a thick Irish accent and amazing eyes. The boy with brown shaven hair introduced himself next," I'm Liam. I hope you've found you're first day comfortable." I smiled before responding," Yeah, everything is great here." The other boys introduced themselves as Harry, Ethan, and Louis. Louis either had a volume control problem or was just naturally excited about everything. He sat next to me and I thought my ear was going to fall off. He talked constantly. Harry kept sort of looking at me and smiling. He was really cute. Ethan also kept looking at me and doing that, what to British people say? Oh yeah. He kept giving me a cheeky grin. I've never been surrounded by so many attractive guys. Ever. Morgan and Zayn seemed to be in there own world, talking together. Maybe I could get them together. Jess, who I learned was Ethan's sister, kept trying to flirt with Harry. Every time Harry gently brushed her off to say something to me, she looked like she was going to cry before shooting me a look mean enough to either flowers. Too bad for her. It's called karma. There seemed to be a little competion at the table. Niall, Ethan, and Harry kept fighting for my attention. The three of them would try to talk to me at once. Louis watched his friends with an amused expression. I have to admit, it was cute. Lunch was over way to soon. I already had seven people's numbers- excluding Jess's number. She doesn't like me much. Maybe moving to London was a good thing after all. I already have more friends than I've ever had in my whole life.
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