The Half-Truth (One Direction)

Claire's mother Elizabeth Mccray, famous author, takes herself and her daughter from New Jershey to London, England. Of course Claire, 17, is not happy about moving halfway through her senior year at highschool. Once settled into her new home, she meets some of the best friends she'll ever have; Morgan, Jessica, Ethan, and of course, the boys. Claire realizes that maybe this is the chance she's been waiting for; a fresh start. Soon enough, she finds herself falling for a boy she never thought she would love. Claire's new friends want to trust her, but they know she's not telling them someting important about herself.


10. Preturnatural

Hey guys.

I'll update soon, but what I wanted to say it...................

I'm writing a second Movella!

I don't know why....I can barely keep up with this one.

It's called Preternatural.   It still has One Direction in it (don't worry) but it's more of a science fiction sort of thing.  Its about two siblings with supernatural powers due to genetic engineering.  (You'll have to read the first chapter to find out how they became supernatural!)  I hope you like it.

Please comment, like, favorite, and share this Movella, The Half-Truth and do the same for Preternatural.

Love you guys!  Keep reading!


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